The anticipated battle between Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis didn’t quite materialize, simply because they  were separated by several spoilers throughout the main event. Rockstar Husqvarna’s  Michael Mosiman was on fire in the early laps. He took the holeshot with Adam Cianciarulo all over him. Dylan Ferrandis was back in sixth, trying to pass Cameron McAdoo. Try as they might, neither of the two favorites could make a pass. It took six laps for Cianciarulo to make a pass, then Mosiman had the nerve to take it right back. Eventually, Cianciarulo made it stick. Ferrandis did the same, then passed Jimmy Decotis for third. After that, it was Ferrandis’ turn to deal with Mosiman, It was lap 13 before Ferrandis moved into second place, but by that time, Cianciarulo had an 8-second lead.  Two laps from the end, Mosiman fell and picked it up quickly, but he would lose two spots in the end, eventually finishing fifth.

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Colt Nichols
4 Rj Hampshire
5 Michael Mosiman
6 Cameron Mcadoo
7 James Decotis
8 Justin Starling
9 Dylan Merriam
10 Enzo Lopes
11 Martin Castelo
12 Sean Cantrell
13 Robbie Wageman
14 Killian Auberson
15 Chris Blose
16 Logan Karnow
17 Bradley Lionnet
18 Johnny Garcia
19 Jerry Robin
20 Chris Howell
21 Blaine Silveira
22 Garrett Marchbanks



Cameron McAdoo was the first man to the turn, but Colt Nichols came out ahead. Jimmy Decotis came on strong in the next few laps. He closed on Nichols, but never got close enough to really make a challenge. Behind those two it was close between McAdoo, Sean Cantrell and Robby Wageman. Eventually, Wageman passed Cantrell  for fourth. Bradley Lionnet also passed Contrell. Nichols got the win and clearly felt good about it. “I just feel great. I’m trying to enjoy this process a little more.”

1 Colt Nichols
2 James Decotis
3 Cameron Mcadoo
4 Robbie Wageman
5 Bradley Lionnet
6 Sean Cantrell
7 Dylan Merriam
8 Chris Howell
9 Johnny Garcia
10 Chris Blose
11 Mathias Jorgensen
12 Dare Demartile
13 Charl Van Eeden
14 Brandan Leith
15 Kyle Fry
16 Derek Kelley
17 Mike Henderson
18 Garrett Marchbanks
19 Mason Wharton



Heat two had both title contenders, perhaps to give a preview of the main event. Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo came off the line behind RJ Hampshire. Ferrandis  made a mistake on the second lap and Cianciarulo passed him, then immediately closed on Hampshire. Cianciarulo later passed Hampshire in the same corner and began to pull away. Ferrandis had a much harder time with Hampshire. He made a few attempts to get past the Honda rider, but failed to close the deal by the end of the race.

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 Rj Hampshire
3 Dylan Ferrandis
4 Michael Mosiman
5 Justin Starling
6 Killian Auberson
7 Jerry Robin
8 Martin Castelo
9 Logan Karnow
10 Devin Harriman
11 Enzo Lopes
12 Blaine Silveira
13 Rj Wageman
14 Corbin Hayes
15 Joan Cros
16 Dawson Newby
17 Deegan Vonlossberg
18 Kordel Caro
19 Aaron Siminoe


Garrett Marchbanks blew a motor in his heat, and the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team had to install a back-up motor in very little time. It was all very reminiscent of Eli Tomac at Nashville. Marchbanks made it into the Last Chance Qualifier and had very little trouble winning the race over Chris Blose, Enzo Lopes and Blaine Silverira.

1 Garrett Marchbanks
2 Chris Blose
3 Enzo Lopes
4 Blaine Silveira
5 Mathias Jorgensen
6 Derek Kelley
7 Brandan Leith
8 Dare Demartile
9 Devin Harriman
10 Rj Wageman
11 Corbin Hayes
12 Joan Cros
13 Mike Henderson
14 Deegan Vonlossberg
15 Charl Van Eeden
16 Kordel Caro
17 Dawson Newby
18 Kyle Fry
19 Aaron Siminoe
20 Mason Wharton



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