Derek Costella gets the jump on the Mini Pro Class over the first jump and led it to the finish. He and two others missed the second moto.

The third stop of the Del Mar mini series roasted Saturday at Starwest moto track. Triple digits on the thermometer had fun seekers of the western world hydrating and seeking shade whenever not roosting up the mini track. With 18 motos it was a big turnout with some great racing. Derek Costella made the drive down from Las Vegas to take win in the Mid size pro class (12-inch rear wheel) but due to some confusion, he and two other riders missed the second moto of the Mini class Pro (10-inch rear wheel). After the motos were over they held a 5-lap dash for cash so the three pros that missed the second moto could have a good race. Costella took the win and a $100. Quickly approaching is the final race of the series on June 24 &25 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. If you own a mini bike, get there and race, it will be a great weekend for racing and the biggest mini race next to Vegas.
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Starwest mini track isn’t too technical but this third gear sweeper saw some great action.

Starwest now has a supermoto track for mini bikes and held a short demo between motos to show off the new facility.

Who says girls can’t be tough, beautiful and ride mini bikes?


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