Round nine of the GNCC was held at the Wisp Resort in Deep Creek, Maryland. Yamaha
In the last race before the summer break, round 9 of GNCC’s headed to the beautiful Wisp Resort in Deep Creek, Maryland. Held on the verdant ski slopes and surrounded by a resort town, ski lifts, a gold course and very hilly terrain, the racers were greeted with one of the toughest GNCCs since the old Blackwater days. Monstrous uphills (straight up the downhill ski run), killer downhills (straight down another downhill run) and some of the toughest woods sections known to man made for one of the toughest, most brutal events in recent history. Boulder fields, sharp, craggy and merciless greeted the riders in all woods sections and survival was the key ingredient for most of the competitors.

Team Suzuki’s Rodney Smith, the nearly 40 year old rider that everyone has stuck a fork into this year saying that he’s done, put the hammer down in an epic battle with the new young stars Jason Raines and Michael Lafferty. For five laps the trip gapped some of the fastest riders on the planet in a riding display that bordered on magical. Running nose to tail and swapping paint like a stock car race, the trip pulled out nearly 10 minutes on the second pack. On the white flag lap Raines threw it away as he jumped into the woods and crashed hard; the result was a broken leg that will keep him out for at least 8 weeks. Rodney, sensing the inevitable pulled his fastest lap of the day and won in convincing fashion, besting Lafferty and then Fred Andrews who finished over 6 minutes off the pace.

1) Rodney Smith…SUZ
2) Mike Lafferty…KTM
3) Fred Andrews…KAW
4) Robbie Jenks…YAM
5) Mike Kiedrowski…SUZ
6) Chuck Woodford…KAW
7) Steve Hatch…SUZ
8) Brian Garrahan…KTM
9) Andy Shea…KTM
10) Josh Mcleavy…HON


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