Daytona Supercross: MDK KTM Teams Race Report

 Daytona Beach, FL – The highly anticipated Daytona Supercross provided fans the action-packed racing they’ve come to expect from this one-of-a-kind sandy, outdoor style based track. The MDK KTM riders were on hand to contribute to the nights exciting action.

 Although riders practiced on a dry course all would change by 2:00pm in the afternoon when rain poured down causing a cancellation of second practice and evoking an earlier start to the evening. The first heat race kicked off half an hour earlier than normal at 6:30pm. Soon after, MDK KTM Factory rider Martin Davalos joined MDK KTM Lites Team riders, Matt Goerke and Ryan Sipes, in Heat #2 of the Lites Supercross class. Goerke got a great jump off the gate and came around the first turn in 3rd while Davalos and Sipes suffered poor starts. Davalos got stuck in a mud hole on the first lap and took another lap to get back and going again. In the short four lap heat, the time lost cost him a transfer spot to the main. Meanwhile, Sipes had charged his way up to 10th, but also, was short of making the main. Goerke, however, was still going strong and finished 3rd in the heat qualifying in good position into the main.


 MDK KTM Factory Team rider, Nick Wey, was up next in Supercross class Heat #1. He began near the end of the pack after getting caught behind a few riders having trouble in the first mud-packed turn. He quickly charged up and was able to finish 9th by the end of the heat to transfer to the main.


 In the Lites last chance Davalos and Sipes had to finish in the top four in order to transfer to the main. Sipes got a decent start within the top ten and began to move forward. He quickly moved into the top three and began to ride safe in order to qualify into the main. Unfortunately, Davalos had an ill-fated start and had to charge his way up through the pack. Just as he moved into qualifying position he lost control of the bike while attempting a double jump and flipped off the track into a river of mud. Davalos was uninjured but was unable to finish the heat. Back out front Sipes had moved into second earning himself a spot on the main event line-up. 

The Lites riders were rushed to the field in order to get the show underway as the rain had began to pour harder and did not look like it would seize for some time. The main event was shortened from its normal 15 laps to 10 due to the awful track conditions. When the gate dropped for the main event Goerke and Sipes both garnered mid-pack starts. Sipes was turning quick lap times and was able to muscle his way into 6th by the end of the race. Goerke kept it on two wheels and was able to finish 11th for the night. With the points earned tonight Sipes now sits 2nd in overall points, Davalos is holding on to 6th and Goerke is in 14th. 

As the rain poured down the gate dropped a final time as the Supercross main event took off. Wey was near last on the start and by the end of lap 1 had moved himself into the top fifteen. Wey continued to charge forward lap by lap of the 12 lap main event. He eventually moved into 10th and was gaining ground on a few riders ahead when too much water got sucked in the airbox and caused his bike to hydro-lock. This occurred on lap 10 causing him to DNF with two laps to go. Despite his mechanical problems due to the horrendous track conditions, including mud puddles deep enough to cover half the bike, Wey finished 16th for the night and remains 9th in overall points.


Next Event: Minneapolis Supercross, Saturday March 15, 2008


Supercross Lites Results:

  • 1. T. Canard
  • 2. R. Villopoto
  • 3. M. Boni
  • 4. B. Coisy
  • 5. J. Albertson
  • 6. R. Sipes – KTM
  • 7. W. Browning
  • 8. S. Sewell
  • 9. R. Renner
  • 10. B. Payne
  • 11. M. Goerke – KTM


Supercross Results:

  • 1. K. Windham
  • 2. D. Millsaps
  • 3. J. Marsack
  • 4. D. Vuillemin
  • 5. A. Balbi
  • 6. C. Reeed
  • 7. H. Voss
  • 8. A. Short
  • 9. E. Sorby
  • 10. R. Dungey
  • 11. B. Johnson
  • 12. N. Ramsey
  • 13. D. Klatt
  • 14. T. Preston
  • 15. P. Carpenter
  • 16. N. Wey – KTM

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