David Pearson is Two for Two


Ridgecrest, CA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider David Pearson took home his second win of the season at Round 2 of the National Hare and Hound Series.

 Pearson, the defending National Hare and Hound Champion, started off the morning well leading the pack after the bomb. The 100 mile race consisted of two 40 mile loops followed by a final 20 mile loop. Pearson led the majority of the race with his toughest competitor, Destry Abbott, close behind.

The two riders stayed within 15 seconds of each other throughout the entire event. On the last loop around mile 95 Abbott passed Pearson to take over the lead. For two miles the riders battled back and forth. With three miles left to go Pearson closed in on Abbott who accidentally missed a turn and gave Pearson the opening he needed to make the pass. Pearson regained the lead and took home his second consecutive win of the season. Pearson’s Red Bull KTM teammate David Kamo finished fourth.

 Hare and Hound Round 2 Results: 

  • 1. David Pearson – KTM
  • 2. Destry Abbott
  • 3. Josh Morros
  • 4. David Kamo – KTM
  • 5. Ryan Kudla
  • 6. Steve Hengefeld
  • 7. Matthew Henderson
  • 8. Paul Krause – KTM
  • 9. Chance Wyllie
  • 10. Anthony Modica – KTM

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