A clean and simple David Bailey tribute Honda CR250R build appropriately named “The Legend” from Justin Myerson and the crew at Motowhips is our main focus on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works. This build throws us back to an iconic era in moto history when David Bailey was on top and premix fueled the off-road world.

As you can see “The Legend” Honda build pays tribute to David Bailey and his number one plated Honda days back in the ’80s.  ZLT designed a set of graphics with Justin from Motowhips that provides a clean classic look and really makes the build stand out.

All these different coatings, lots of elbow grease and a ton of Mettec titanium fasteners gives “The Legend” build a look that is second to none.

Ride Engineering triple clamps are machined out of 2024 billet aluminum and available in a variety of anodized colors. Motowhips imports the CMT Composite carbon fiber tank you see but be warned they aren’t cheap!

Motowhips linkage service takes a simple task to an entirely new level on this Honda build. All the bearings and seals are replaced then all the casting marks are removed and the linkage is hand scrubbed to this type of finish. This treatment was also performed on the swingarm .

The cone pipe is made by Scalvini and Motowhips covered the entire engine with a ceramic based black coating that not only gives it a cool look but helps keep it cool. A complete Hinson billetproof clutch is used internally. Just look at the attention to detail in this photo.

The Scalvini carbon fiber silencer adds to the builds simple but factory look. These silencers are available for most popular two-stroke models. Motoman Distributing is the US importer.

Faster USA hubs machined out of billet aluminum, stainless steel spokes and gold Excel rims gives this Honda CR250R build that clean retro look that was desired.

The longer you look at this machine the more you can appreciate the attention to detail. Justin at Motowhips pays attention to things that not many people do and it makes all the difference in the world.

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