Martin Davalos, at age 32 became the second oldest rider to win a 250 class main event of the Monster Energy Supercross series when he took the win in Nashville. It was his 99th career start and his fifth win. His boss Mitch Payton at Pro Circuit was especially pleased because Davalos’ win preserved the points lead of Austin Forkner, who was injured in a practice crash earlier in the day. Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper will have to count Nashville as a missed opportunity. They were up front on the first lap, but Cooper tried to dive under Sexton in a poorly executed maneuver, putting them both on the ground. Davalos was able to build up a fair lead over rookie Mitchell Falk, but both Sexton and Cooper were cutting through riders quickly. Cooper suffered another crash before it was over. Eventually Sexton caught up to second and Cooper was third.

” This win means so much. I was having such a tough season,” said Davalos. “I’m really happy that my team and Mitch had so much faith in me.” Davalos came a few months short of capturing the record of the oldest rider to win the 250 class. That belongs to John Dowd.

“It’s a bummer that Austin was hurt. ” said Sexton, who is now three point behind Forkner in the standings. “I don’t want to catch him in points that way, but I’m happy to salvage second place.”  For extended coverage of the 2019 Nashville Supercross, click here.



1 Martin Davalos
2 Chase Sexton
3 Justin Cooper
4 Kyle Peters
5 Brandon Hartranft
6 Mitchell Oldenburg
7 Kyle Cunningham
8 Ryan Sipes
9 Mitchell Falk
10 Alex Martin
11 Jordan Bailey
12 Lorenzo Locurcio
13 John Short
14 Fredrik Noren
15 Joshua Cartwright
16 James Weeks
17 Chase Marquier
18 Cade Autenrieth
19 Kevin Moranz
20 Joshua Osby
21 Anthony Rodriguez
22 Steven Clarke

250 HEAT 1


In the first 250 heat it was Martin Davalos picking up the slack for his injured teammate Austin Forkner.  He got the lead early and got away while Alex Martin settled into second. Justin Cooper had a few close calls in the pack, but ended up a solid third. The initial word on Austin Forkner was that he would attempt to ride the last chance qualifier. Later, that news would be updated and his team reported that he would not start.

1 Martin Davalos
2 Alex Martin
3 Justin Cooper
4 Kyle Cunningham
5 John Short
6 Jordan Bailey
7 Kyle Peters
8 Lorenzo Locurcio
9 Anthony Rodriguez
10 Henry Miller
11 Kevin Moranz
12 Carter Gordon
13 Cade Autenrieth
14 Hunter Sayles
15 Dillon Cloyed
16 Jeremy Hand
17 Mason Kerr
18 Preston Taylor
19 Isaac Teasdale
20 Ramyller Alves

250 HEAT 2

Chase Sexton led the second heat from start to finish. Ryan Sipes was  riding only his second Supercross of the year. He started third, but then passed Dustin Winter for second. Mitchell Oldenburg got a terrible start, but ended up third.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Ryan Sipes
3 Mitchell Oldenburg
4 Joshua Osby
5 Mitchell Falk
6 Brandon Hartranft
7 Joshua Cartwright
8 Chase Marquier
9 Fredrik Noren
10 Steven Clarke
11 James Weeks
12 Justin Thompson
13 Benjamin Nelko
14 Tanner Stack
15 Luke Neese
16 Tj Albright
17 Dustin Winter
18 Austin Forkner
19 Bradley Taft
20 Samuel Redman

250 LCQ

For the first half of the 250 LCQ, Ramyller Alves was looking good. He had a solid lead, but then he went down, handing it to  Steven Clark. Kevin Moranz was in third behind James Weeks, but made a number of mistakes on the finalap. He was passed by Cade Authenrieth, but managed to hang on to fourth and transferred to the main.

1 Steven Clarke
2 James Weeks
3 Cade Autenrieth
4 Kevin Moranz
5 Dustin Winter
6 Justin Thompson
7 Jeremy Hand
8 Henry Miller
9 Carter Gordon
10 Luke Neese
11 Samuel Redman
12 Dillon Cloyed
13 Mason Kerr
14 Preston Taylor
15 Hunter Sayles
16 Tanner Stack
17 Ramyller Alves
18 Isaac Teasdale
19 Tj Albright
20 Benjamin Nelko
21 Austin Forkner
22 Bradley Taft


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