The third Supercross in eight days took place in ATT Stadium in Arlington Texas this weekend, and all the key players picked up right where they left off on Tuesday. The question of the night: “can Cooper Webb be stopped?” It didn’t start well for him. He led his heat, only to be passed by Ken Roczen, then laid out by Chase Sexton. In the main, it was the other way around, with Webb being the  hunter and Rozen the hunted. In the end, Webb took his third consecutive win and swept Arlington. In the 250 class, it finally went according to plan to Justin Cooper who led from flag to flag and regained the point lead.   For extended coverage of 2021 Supercross, click here.

450 HEAT 1

It was Justin Barcia up front early with Malcolm Stewart hot on his heels. Eli Tomac was third, but it didn’t take him long to pass Stewart and then start stalking Barcia. He made the pass just after the halfway mark, but then had a difficult lap or two. Eventually Tomac developed a safe gap over Barcia, Stewart and Aaron Plessinger.

1 Eli Tomac
2 Justin Barcia
3 Malcolm Stewart
4 Aaron Plessinger
5 Joey Savatgy
6 Dean Wilson
7 Broc Tickle
8 Vince Friese
9 Mitchell Oldenburg
10 Brandon Hartranft
11 Cade Clason
12 Hunter Schlosser
13 Joan Cros
14 Curren Thurman
15 Ronnie Stewart
16 Lane Shaw
17 Deven Raper
18 Logan Karnow
19 Bobby Piazza
20 Scotty Wennerstrom

450 HEAT 2

Cooper Webb got another good start for heat two, but he had a pack of Hondas right behind him. Both Ken Roczen and Chase Sexton were highly motivated to keep Webb under control. On the third lap Roczen saw an opportunity and took it, taking over the lead. He started pulling away slightly and then it was Sexton’s turn. He dogged Webb for most of the race, eventually making the pass and making contact. Webb went down, dropping back to fifth place.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Chase Sexton
3 Jason Anderson
4 Marvin Musquin
5 Cooper Webb
6 Dylan Ferrandis
7 Max Anstie
8 Martin Davalos
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Tyler Bowers
11 Alex Ray
12 Justin Starling
13 Joshua Cartwright
14 Nick Schmidt
15 Scott Champion
16 Henry Miller
17 Aj Catanzaro
18 Joshua Greco
19 Jeremy Smith
20 Kevin Moranz

450 LCQ

1 Justin Starling
2 Brandon Hartranft
3 Tyler Bowers
4 Alex Ray


You couldn’t have asked for a better start to the main. Justin Barcia, Cooper Webb, Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac were all up front. Very quickly, Roczen got the lead and Webb was second. Tomac was pushing Barcia in the early laps and eventually took third away. For a period, Tomac looked like he would go straight to the front, but he couldn’t crack the code to pass Webb. Many of the other top riders were having trouble; Sexton crashed in the tricky sand section and Marvin Musquin also went down. Both dropped out. Jason Anderson found his way into fifth, but couldn’t quite match the pace of the big four up front.  Roczen, Webb, Tomac and Barcia seemed to be locked in a stalemate for lap after lap, then things started getting silly. Tomac hit a Tuffbloc and Barcia passed him, and then Webb upped the pressure on Roczen. Webb finally passed for the lead, but it wasn’t pretty. Roczen came back again and again before giving in. About the same time, Tomac repassed  Barcia, then seemed to make ground on Roczen. In the final two laps, it continued to be a nail biter, but Webb held on for the win.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Ken Roczen
3 Eli Tomac
4 Justin Barcia
5 Jason Anderson
6 Malcolm Stewart
7 Dylan Ferrandis
8 Joey Savatgy
9 Aaron Plessinger
10 Dean Wilson
11 Broc Tickle
12 Vince Friese
13 Max Anstie
14 Mitchell Oldenburg
15 Kyle Chisholm
16 Martin Davalos
17 Justin Starling
18 Brandon Hartranft
19 Alex Ray
20 Tyler Bowers
21 Chase Sexton
22 Marvin Musquin

250 HEAT 1

Jarrett Frye got the start, but Cameron McAdoo took over before long and quickly started to open a gap. Several of the top riders were invovled in a pile up, including Garrett Marchbanks Mitchell Harrison and Jordon Smith. They would have to wait for the LCQ, while McAdoo took an easy win.

1 Cameron Mcadoo
2 Jarrett Frye
3 Coty Schock
4 Nate Thrasher
5 Carson Mumford
6 Dominique Thury
7 Cheyenne Harmon
8 Derek Kelley
9 Calvin Fonvieille
10 Dustin Winter
11 Gared Steinke
12 Garrett Hoffman
13 Jerry Robin
14 Mason Wharton
15 Matthew Hubert
16 Logan Leitzel
17 Corbin Hayes
18 Garrett Marchbanks
19 Jordon Smith
20 Mitchell Harrison

250 HEAT 2

Justin Cooper led the second heat from start to finish, with Jalek Swoll holding second lace in the early laps. Hunter Lawrence eventually displaced him with Seth Hammaker coming up  to grab fourth. Robbie Wageman held on to the final qualifying spot.

1 Justin Cooper
2 Hunter Lawrence
3 Jalek Swoll
4 Seth Hammaker
5 Chris Blose
6 Kyle Peters
7 Jace Owen
8 Robbie Wageman
9 Enzo Lopes
10 Chase Marquier
11 Ryan Surratt
12 Chance Blackburn
13 Ty Masterpool
14 Chris Howell
15 Bradley Lionnet
16 Tre Fierro
17 Hardy Munoz
18 Michael Hicks
19 Colby Copp
20 Cedric Soubeyras

250 LCQ

1 Garrett Marchbanks
2 Michael Hicks
3 Hardy Munoz
4 Cedric Soubeyras

250 MAIN


In the main, Justin Cooper could not have asked for a more perfect race. He got the holeshot, led every lap and eventually took the win and the points lead. Cameron McAdoo got into second on the first lap and kept Cooper from getting away, but could do nothing to close the gap. Coty Schock was up front early in the race, but went down, leaving Hunter Lawrence and Garrett Marchbanks in third and fourth.  As the race went on, the most amazing survival story went to Lawrence. He overshot a jump then careened off the track and got tangled in a safety net. He remounted and somehow only lost two places. In the final laps, McAdoo seemed to surrender slightly, letting Cooper open up a 6-second lead.

1 Justin Cooper
2 Cameron Mcadoo
3 Seth Hammaker
4 Jalek Swoll
5 Hunter Lawrence
6 Garrett Marchbanks
7 Chris Blose
8 Kyle Peters
9 Nate Thrasher
10 Jarrett Frye
11 Jace Owen
12 Carson Mumford
13 Dominique Thury
14 Coty Schock
15 Cedric Soubeyras
16 Robbie Wageman
17 Enzo Lopes
18 Cheyenne Harmon
19 Calvin Fonvieille
20 Hardy Munoz
21 Michael Hicks
22 Derek Kelley

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