PRODUCT: The Sphere hydraulic cartridge system designed by Dal Soggio Race Part Division in Italy was done so in conjunction with United States importer and distributer CSR Suspension. The Sphere is a complete drop-in system, using only the OEM inner and outer fork tubes after removing all OEM internal parts. It’s designed to provide greater sensitivity and damping accuracy with the ability to provide increased comfort and control with better bottoming resistance. Dal Soggio Sphere systems also feature a wide range of adjustability for compression and rebound damping with additional preload settings. The system comes from the factory with internal settings geared towards the average-level rider and is available in a motocross or enduro valving setup (motocross version tested here).

POSITIVES: The Dal Soggio Sphere comes ready to install in a kit, and that includes all the internal parts needed to complete the conversion; all you have to supply is oil. Valving is set up for the average rider from the factory but is completely adjustable, and shim stacks can be changed by a suspension professional to fit any rider’s needs. The number of adjustment clicker options compared to the OEM WP 4CS is a major improvement, and sensitivity to clicker adjustments is greatly increased as well. When adjusted correctly, the Sphere improves fork action across the board, eliminating harshness on small, square-edge braking and acceleration bumps while staying higher in the stroke to increase bottoming resistance on big hits. 

NEGATIVES: With factory specs for an average rider, our faster and larger test riders felt the original settings were on the soft side. With a price tag in the neighborhood of $1600, this is not a low-cost upgrade and doesn’t include installation or springs if needed.

BOTTOM LINE: The Sphere is a one-stop shopping kit that comes valved and ready to drop in, making huge improvements to the WP 4CS fork handling while providing loads more clicker adjustment options. This is a great kit geared towards the masses, as faster or larger riders will need to make additional changes. This is definitely not an inexpensive upgrade at $1600. We recommend installation and adjustments are done by an authorized suspension technician. Although the kit is ready to install, it is still an involved process, requiring a special skill set. CSR Suspension serviced and made minimal adjustments to our shock to make sure everything was working properly.

PRICE: $1,602.33

CONTACT: www.dalsoggiorace.com, www.csrsuspension.com,
(812) 346-8620.

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