The second stage into Africa, from Smara to Zouerat showed the riders the fist portions of the “Dakar Dunes” as soft sand dominated the second part of the 492km special.

According to the Dakar website, “Drivers skilled at dune crossing and navigating will be in their element. But for the 40 % of new entrants in the motorcycle category, it is in arriving in Mauritania that the real Dakar experience will begin.”

It proved to be a great stage for the U.S. Red Bull KTM Dakar Team as they continue to close in on the leaders. Chris Blais completed the stage in the 10th position, to sit in 10th overall. Team Manager, Scot Harden finished the stage in 17th position now ranked in the 17th overall position, and young Kellon Walch came in 18th place today, and is now positioned in the 23rd overall spot, up from the 46th position yesterday!

Stage 7, from Zouerat to Tichit is a new stage and features cliffs, hundreds of kilometers of camel grass and water obstacles. This is a marathon stage which may force the riders to ride conservatively in the 660km special.


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