At Cycra, the slogan is “never stock, never replica.” With OEM production plastics being tooled years in advance and often used for many years after, Cycra saw an opportunity to use the relationships it has with many factory race teams to produce a performance line of plastics. With race teams always looking for advantages on the track, Cycra’s Powerflow plastic kits are full-race bodyworks that feature the latest advancements in design for both performance and style. When developing the all-new Yamaha YZ250/450F radiator/airbox system, Cycra worked directly with JGR MX factory riders Justin Barcia and Weston Peick to get their input on areas that needed improvement.
Cycra compiled an action list of enhancements that test riders were looking for on the current Yamaha YZ250/450Fs. First on the list was to bring down the width and mass in the radiator and shroud area. Cycra performed laser scans to assist in 3D modeling the components under the shrouds. Through this computer modeling, Cycra was able to reduce the width of each side over a 1/2 inch. Along with the narrowing of the shroud, they added an upper edge of plastic to keep riders from snagging their boots. Both of these features made dramatic improvements to the ergonomics of the Yamaha. Next, Cycra realized that airflow and cooling could be improved with a new design for the air intake duct. Placing the motorcycle on JGR’s dyno, Cycra was able to create an intake that helped the low-end throttle response of the Yamaha. Cycra also incorporated its patented bypass Powerflow channel for cooling the radiators and fuel tank. This bypass allows air to blow behind the radiator to create a low air pressure system, increasing the efficiency of the radiators and making the bike run cooler. Currently, Cycra is molding these radiator shrouds and airbox systems in blue, white, black and gold. The final product for the race teams and retail customers is an injection-molded shroud set that includes a new airbox lid with removable vent plugs for additional airflow. The shroud system retails for $124.95.
To create a complete bodywork system, Cycra has modified all of the YZ250/450F plastic. Front stadium plates that cover the lower triple clamps are designed to be more secure. There’s a new upper air intake on the Cycralite front fender. Cycra’s rear fender has extra clearance for lowering the rear sub rame and for accommodating larger tire selections without rubbing like OEM units. The full-armor skid plate is molded from durable plastic that doesn’t hinder frame flex in whoop sections. Front fork guards are reinforced on the bottoms for launch-device applications.
Cycra builds its injection molds at its facility in North Carolina. This same facility handles all the production of the injection-molded plastic parts. Having all the R&D, prototyping and production under one roof allows the staff at Cycra to be hands-on in every process, making changes as needed. This also allows them to get product out to the general public faster than other methods. Cycra products are available for most popular modern two- and four-stroke models and are 100 percent made in the USA. o

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