Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

My 2002 CR250R is dripping coolant from this tiny hole under the water pump. What on earth is this hole, and how do I go about fixing this?
Max Sheldon
via [email protected]

That little orifice is a weep hole. It’s a sort of safety valve alerting you that your seals and water pump are more than likely worn out and need to be replaced. You will be required to remove the entire right-side engine case and water-pump cover to access the worn parts. Once you remove the water-pump cover and the impeller, the impeller shaft should slide out, and you will have two seals and a bearing pressed into the case that will have to be removed. One is a coolant side seal behind the impeller, which keeps coolant from navigating into the oil, followed by a pressed-in bearing, and then you will have an oil-side seal that keeps your oil from dancing with your coolant. Both seals, the bearing and the water pump shaft should be replaced, as the shaft develops grooves that can also cause leaks. Pay attention to the direction and the order in which the old seals and bearing are removed!



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