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Hello, I’m a 63-year-old who has been riding dirt bikes since the late ’60s. Here’s my question: I have a nice, not-quite-two-year-old KTM that flat makes me smile every time I look at it. I’m getting arthritis in my hands, which is making it hard to hold on, and this is especially noticeable as the temperatures dip. I’ve tried thicker gloves that supposedly are wind- and cold-resistant, and they simply make it harder to maintain a grip. I like riding in the winter, but I’m miserable enough to park my scooter when it’s in the 40s. Any help or guidance would be welcomed.
A long-time reader from NorCal
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I feel for you, my nameless friend from the Golden State. I’m presuming that you are running hand shields of some nature, as this is mandatory for blocking incoming cold air. I, too, avoid thick gloves, though Leatt offers two very palatable winter gloves that are not bulky or thick. The Moto 2.5 Windblock is just right for keeping cold air from entering, and the 2.5 Subzero has a 3mm neoprene center layer for insulation and a micro-fleece backing for inner hand comfort. Both are superb. Check them out at

But, like you, I have some digit drama in my right hand, especially as the temperatures plunge. I run A’ME Hot Grips. There is no better product made that keeps your hands warm and can actually dry gloves that get wet from rain. They are powered straight from your machine’s battery (they do offer an MTB version that uses a battery pack) and are equipped with an LED digital control with nine heat ranges from 70 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This bluPulse adaptive thermal regulation technology combines intelligent microelectronics with thermal sensors in each grip and allows a rider to select between six temperature settings with a simple push of a button.

The bottom line here: these are the hot ticket. Go to  for more tech info.

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