What does a 5 time X-Games Gold medalist need to do his job? For 28 year old Colby Raha a big key to his success is his factory Rockstar Husqvarna built by mechanic Andrew Bauer and the extra bling factor on the machine doesn’t hurt. Raha is one of at least three different factory supported riders that Bauer will build bikes throughout the year, Colton Haaker and Dalton Shirey are also under his care. We can guarantee that this Husqvarna has a little more flare than Haaker’s or Shirey’s machines.

In this shot it looks like Raha’s bike is all black with a cool ERA graphics kit, that is definitely not the case! This machine was one of the hardest to shoot in the studio because almost everything reflects light. The logos in the graphics are chrome, the frame and swingarm are powder coated black with metallic flakes and even the wheels from Dubya feature a polished finish. We had to call in the expertise of photography guru Ron Lawson.

ODI CFT handlebars and lock-on grips are used by Raha and check out the Cerakote finish on the levers by Sano Metal finishing. The “Puffers Gold” color is a theme throughout the build.

Factory built two-stroke engine with some bling and proven parts from FMF and Rekluse.

The wheels are built by Dubya USA to withstand just about anything and look good while doing it. Check out the metallic flakes in the powder coat on the swingarm. The main frame has the same finish thanks to the crew at San Diego Powder Coating.

Even the custom gripper seat cover from Thrill Seekers has some bling added to it.

Andrew Bauer has Raha’s two-stroke looking good and tuned to perfection.

The business end of the FMF exhaust system.


The ProTaper drivetrain keeps the black and gold theme going . Raha uses Dunlop MX53 hard terrain tires on his machine.

Don’t be fooled Colby Raha’s Husqvarna 2-Stroke is not all looks and no performance. The WP Pro Component suspension on this machine alone has countless hours of R&D into it by the crew at Ride JBI. We can’t wait to see this bike in action, check out his YouTube channel for more.

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