On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you an exclusive look at Cody Webb’s factory Sherco SE 300  race bike. Unfortunately we found out while doing this feature the bike doesn’t have magical powers most of that comes from what Travis Fant has taught Cody over the years. In our 2-Stroke Behind The Build feature this week we keep the 300cc two-stroke vibe going but with a Japanees motocross bike. You don’t want to miss this one!

Cody Webb is hands down the best extreme enduro the USA has to offer. He just dominated Last Dog Standing on this Sherco SE300 and although his factory machine has some very trick parts nothing is unobtainable to the average customer with a big enough budget.

This Joker Machine GP3 throttle housing is machined out of billet aluminum for strength and features ball-bearing action for extra-smooth performance with a more precise feel. A “Quick Change” knob attached to our durable polycarbonate window allows the rider to view the internal workings of the throttle and enables the rider to remove the cable from the roller quickly and easily.

The Mako 360 bar mount system from XC Gear is designed to allow cushioned travel in any direction or angle that force is applied to the handlebars. Essentially providing additional dampening in 360 degrees via the proprietary polymers.  These are mounted on a Neken aluminum triple clamp system and Cody uses ODI Controlled Flex Technology (CFT) Podium handlebars.

ARC flex levers have been around for a long time, they are actually the original folding lever system and basically invented the market. They offer an aluminum and Memlon versions. Cody prefers the feel of the aluminum versions and as you can see they have been put to the test.

Wheels take huge amounts of abuse during an extreme enduro. Nitro Mousse foam inserts are a must to eliminate the chance of flats.  Dubya USA built the wheels that feature Talon billet aluminum hubs anodized blue, stainless steel spokes and black Excel A60 rims. The Kenda Knarly tire is sticky or gummy version providing huge amounts of traction on just about any type of terrain.

S3 offers a wide variety of bolt-on heads for the Sherco SE 300 and can be customized for what type of power the rider wants.  All kits include: cylinder head cover, insert according to choice and O-rings

FMF Racing is a huge part of the factory Sherco effort and a long time sponsor of Cody. He uses a Titanium 2.1 Powercore silencer and Works style fatty pipe.

Fitted perfectly behind the FMF Fatty pipe the P3 Carbon skid plate has frame rail protection, engine case protection and shock linkage protection. The carbon fiber construction does have a pretty trick look to it as well.

Like we said before just about everything on Cody’s bike can be purchased over the counter at your local Sherco dealer except the suspension. You have to contact Johnny at the Ride Shop Arizona for that. Look for a complete write up on this machine in the August 2021 printed magazine or online in our Behind The Build  feature after that.


“When we started this project, the bike’s condition was textbook ‘roached’; however, we could see whoever built it the first time envisioned something unique that would stand out from the status quo. So, we set out to bring this bike back to life with that same goal. The most uniquely intriguing aspect was the engine. We found out it had originally been modified by Tom Morgan Racing (TMR) with a longer rod and oversize bore to achieve 327cc. Knowing Tom Morgan Racing’s history of designing and developing engines for Kawasaki, and even wrenching for some of the sport’s legends, we sought out Tom’s services to get this engine completely rebuilt.


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