Photos: Future7media
Photos: Future7media
 105379_cody_webb_1024The penultimate round of the Maxxis FIM World SuperEnduro took place this weekend in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and it was RPM/KTM Racing’s Cody Webb’s turn to stand on top the podium.
 It was an action packed night of racing on a tight and technical track on which Webb obviously felt strong as he rode fast and smooth for the overall win of Moto 1 battling Jonny Walker, David Knight and Taddy Blazusiak.
In Moto 2, it was Walker’s turn to take the win with Webb finishing a close second and Blazusiak in third. Moto 3 is where the racing action really heated up for Webb as he and Walker tangled on two separate occasions, both falling back to last place. Pure determination by Webb netted him a third in the Moto and enough points to take the overall on the night.

“In the final race, I went down in the first corner with Jonny Walker, we got up dead last and then Walker caught a banner in his wheel and we crashed again with both of us starting dead last again. I knew we were tied in points on the night so I had to beat him. I battled all the way back to third, catching the leaders with bent bars and half a grip. The third place finish, along with my earlier 1-2 Moto finishes, was just enough to take my first overall win in the series.”

105391_ty_tremaine__andreas_linusson_1024Ty Tremaine, Webb’s RPM/KTM Racing’s teammate, also had a strong night battling his European nemesis, Adreas Linusson, swapping the first two Moto wins, but it was Linnusson who took the Moto 3 win and the overall with Tremaine finishing second. Tremaine, however, is still in control of the points lead with an 11 point lead over Linusson. Tremaine will need to be on his game at the final round in France. Both Webb and Tremaine are on their way to Daytona Beach for the first round of the GEICO EnduroCross series which starts on March 6 inside the Ocean Center Arena. After that they are back to Europe for the final round of the 2015 Maxxis FIM SuperEnduro World Championship which takes place in Cahors, France, Saturday, March 14.


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