Every year, Cobra Moto announces its latest minicycles at the Loretta Lynn Amateur Championship. That’s a fitting move, because Cobra has won an incredible number of championships there. Here’s the official press release, direct from Cobra’s manufacturing facility in Michigan, USA.

Cobra MOTO, manufacturer of the world’s finest youth competition minicycles, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest line-up of cutting-edge bikes for the year 2024. The 2024 models showcase Cobra MOTO’s relentless commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of performance, and delivering an unmatched riding experience.

“Our focus this year is two-fold,” said Hilbert, “First of all, we’re commemorating our 30th year on the track with a unique model that pays homage to the earliest days of Cobra, and secondly, we’re launching engine enhancements on both the CX50FWE and the CX65 that provide large increases in usable horsepower. 2024 will be a great year for the brand.”

The new 2024 bike models include:


Cobra, 30th Anniversary Edition

CX50FWE 30th Anniversary: Celebrating three decades of excellence, Cobra MOTO proudly presents the CX50FWE 30th Anniversary model. This limited-edition bike combines the best features of the CX50FWE with exclusive anniversary branding, making it a collector’s item for both racing enthusiasts and loyal Cobra MOTO fans.

2024 Cobra FWE

CX50FWE: The CX50FWE (Factory Works Edition) is designed for riders seeking the ultimate competitive edge. Features include the modified FWE Venom 50cc 2-Stroke engine, all-new cylinder, advanced Works Style exhaust system, titanium rear axle, titanium swingarm pivot, ribbed seat cover, black anodized components, and billet chain guard. The CX50FWE is the fastest 50cc youth competition minicycle on the market.

2024 Cobra CX5E

CX5E: Cobra’s revolutionary electric minicycle for young riders seeking speed and competition. With a high-performance liquid-cooled electric motor, six racing and training modes, Quick Swap Battery, Holeshot mode, MXT Smart-Leg Front Fork, CARD rear shock, and hybrid frame, the CX5E delivers an exhilarating motocross experience like never before. Quiet but deadly.

2024 Cobra CX65

CX65: Designed for riders transitioning from 50cc bikes to a more powerful ride, the CX65 offers increased horsepower with the 65cc 2-stroke engine, all-new cylinder, and electronic “Fang” Power Valve system. This model also comes standard with all our titanium components, including the rear axle and swingarm pivot. This bike is a testament to three decades of passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Create your own legacy with the CX65.

2024 Cobra King

CX50SR King:For advanced riders looking to step up from the CX50JR, the CX50SR King offers unrivaled power and agility. With a race-inspired design, this model boasts an upgraded engine, enhanced suspension components, and top-of-the-line braking system, delivering exceptional performance and maneuverability.

2024 Cobra Junior

CX50JR: The CX50 JR is the perfect choice for young riders seeking an introduction to competitive racing. Designed with performance and safety in mind, this model features a lightweight frame, a powerful engine, and advanced suspension, ensuring beginner riders can confidently navigate any track or terrain.

Cobra MOTO’s 2024 bike models are now available for order through authorized dealers nationwide. For more information, please visit

About Cobra MOTO

Cobra MOTO is a leading name in the world of motocross and off-road motorcycles, renowned for its exceptional performance, quality, and reliability. With a rich heritage producing premium race-ready mini motocross bikes, Cobra MOTO has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, delivering more than 300 national titles since 1994 and starting off the careers of many of today’s professional motocross stars. By designing and manufacturing its components, including frames, engines, electric motors, and suspension, Cobra MOTO is the only producer of competition off-road motorcycles that are “Made in the U.S.A.” With its strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Cobra MOTO continues to be a trusted choice for youth racers worldwide. For more information, visit

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