Cobra has released its 2021 model line and it includes the most extensive redesign of the company’s highly successful 50cc racers in years. The CX50SRX and the CR50 Factory Works Edition have a completely new chassis and a new look. The official company press release is below.


2021 Cobra SRX50 FWE

Cobra Moto has taken the most successful minicycle ever and made no compromises in improving upon it with a whole new package. While our focus was on a lightweight, responsive handling, cutting edge performance machine we did not stop there. Cobra is bringing you a new concept of performance – New Chassis – New Suspension – Improved Engine Performance – New Bodywork – Lighter than ever – it is ready to explode out of the gate and propel you into the winner’s circle.

2021 Cobra CX65

The ALL NEW Cobra Moto CX50SRX and CR50SRX FWE has been redesigned from the ground up including the following ‘features-at-a-glance’:

  • NEW! Hybrid Oval twin spar/ Backbone frame with revised structure and removable aluminum subframe. The new chassis reduces weight, improves handling, permits a twin radiator system, eases maintenance, and is stronger.
  • NEW! Twin radiator system improves cooling, reduces power loss to heat, and enables a slimmer profile.
  • NEW! Longer wheelbase improves high speed stability.
  • NEW! CARD rear shock has revised valving and improved reservoir design that tucks in better creating a slimmer mid-section.
  • NEW! Forged and anodized wheels made of aircraft-grade Aluminum. These wheels are lighter and stronger featuring an all-new spoke pattern resulting in reduced unsprung weight and improved handling.
  • NEW! Works style tuned pipe for increased power and a flatter torque curve. The result: earlier clutch engagement for improved rideability and more over-rev for enhanced top speed.
  • NEW! Air boot/ Air box design provides over 2x the volume of clean air between the filter and the carburetor resulting in more power everywhere!
2021 Cobra CX50RX

The CX50SRX FWE (Factory Works Edition) is more than just special graphics. The FWE has been fine-tuned with special touches that includes a unique, high performance cylinder, billet touches, an ergonomic gripper seat, and an anodizing package that will be sure to catch the attention of your competitors. When the gate drops you will know that the FWE as worth every penny.

2021 Cobra CX50P3

“With over three years of developments, we expect nothing less than Championships and race Wins,” said Cobra Moto President, Sean Hilbert. “The entire Cobra Team has been working incredibly hard and we have been laser focused to continue providing the finest youth competition vehicles in the world. The new and improved CX50SRX FWE is better from every angle.”

2021 Cobra CX50Jr


CX65 (MSRP $5,499)
CX50FWE (MSRP $5,499)
CX50SR (MSRP $4,399)
CX50JR (MSRP $4,199)
CX50P3 (MSRP $3,849)

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