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The final Cleveland National Forest Meeting is Friday, August 18, 5:00-7:00 p.m., Balboa Park Club–Santa Fe Room, 2150 Pan-American Road West.

If you can’t make it or have missed the other meetings, read on to learn how to act through the mail.

The Cleveland National Forest has begun its off-highway vehicle (OHV) route inventory review and hosted several open houses in August, in order to get public input on current OHV routes.

The purpose of this review is to verify the inventory of all motorized routes on the Forest, particularly those that members of the public would like to see considered for designation as a motor vehicle route.

Inventory maps can be seen and downloaded from the website for review:

The Cleveland National Forest will accept written route review suggestions from the public until August 25, 2006. ‘On the Cleveland National Forest we already have a system of designated routes and areas in place. While we expect to look at some adjustments to this system, we do not anticipate major changes,’ said Tina Terrell, Forest Supervisor for the Cleveland National Forest. ‘But we want to find out from the public what they want their lands to look like in the future.’

Proposed changes to the current route designations must be consistent with the zoning in the new Land Management Plan. Any changes in the transportation system will occur gradually over time as staffing and budget allow Forest Service staff to complete the analysis.

The Public is asked to follow the Route Inventory Review Guidelines and use the Cleveland National Forest Route Inventory Review Sheet and Inventory Maps when submitting suggestions on the route inventory. Only written comments on the Inventory Review Sheets will be accepted.

Current maps will be posted on the Cleveland National Forest web site:,

along with the Route Inventory Review Guidelines, and the Inventory Review Sheet. Questions regarding the Route Designation Process can be directed to Anne Carey Recreation Officer for the Cleveland National Forest at (858) 674-2977. Hardcopy Route Inventory Review Sheets can be mailed to:

Cleveland National Forest, ATTN: Route Designation – Anne Carey, 10845 Rancho Bernardo Road, Suite 200; San Diego, CA 92127-2107. Email Route Inventory Review Sheets to: [email protected].


The Forest completed its new forest land management plan in 2005 that will protect the natural character of the forest and provide a wide range of recreation opportunities over the next 10-15 years. The zoning decisions made in the new Forest Plans provide the foundation for the route designation effort.

The purpose of the route designation process is to provide for resource protection by ensuring that vehicles are operated only on designated routes. The primary focus of the Cleveland National Forest will be to share and analyze route inventories and then make minor improvements over time. After the inventory review is complete the Forest will proceed with the designation process as workload and funding allow.


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