Hobbies are different. Some people are fond of collecting boarding passes, while others love riding dirt bikes on wild terrains. However, it does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional motorcyclist, the correct choice of a dirt bike is necessary to ensure your safety and prominent results, especially if you are considering a used vehicle.

Acquiring a Used Vehicle: The First Rule

No matter what you are looking for, a car or a new Kawasaki motocross bike, the technical state of a vehicle, as well as preliminary estimation of initial servicing investments, should be verified in the first place. For this, one can simply ask a vendor to provide a VIN code, carry out a FAXVIN check, and analyze a vehicle history that is obtained.

However, in the selection of a car and a dirt bike, there is a difference. In the first case, the choice is more subjective and based on the preferences and wishes of the future owner. While looking for a dirt bike, one should take into account the following criteria:

  • experience of a biker,
  • height, and
  • weight

The above aspects cannot be ignored as not only the results but also the life and safety of a biker depend on this choice. Let’s consider these main criteria in detail.

1.   Experience

If you are looking for a bike for your kid who is about to start mastering the art of riding a dirt bike, the choice should be made in favor of models with an engine with a lower capacity: for a kid younger than 10 years old and shorter than 5 feet, opt among bikes with 110 cc engines’ range. Why this size? Because it is light enough for a beginner to handle. Besides, most of these options have an adjusting seat that is a perfect choice for a kid who grows up very fast. So, you can acquire a bike that will serve for a couple of years.

Also, a rider with no experience should better get a bike with three-speed transmissions and automatic clutches. Therefore, a young biker will be able to concentrate on riding and maneuvering instead of mastering the clutch system.

2.   Height

To understand the height requirements for every bike, one can read diverse recommendations. However, there is no better way to understand if a particular bike is suitable or not than to sit on it and check if your feet touch the ground.

If sitting on a bike, you are flat-footed, this vehicle is too small for your height. With more weight on the suspension, a rider will feel this when hits a bump. On the other hand, being able to stand only on tiptoes means that the bike is too big. The best option is when one-third of your feet are on the ground while you are standing.

3.   Weight

When it comes to weight, refer to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The rider’s weight influences the suspension and its capacity to ensure the stable riding experience and safety of a biker.

Choose a dirt bike wisely to ensure that your professional or amateur riding will bring not only satisfaction but also promising results and will be safe.

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