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I have an older KTM dual-sport wagon that I ride every weekend. I think I have over 800 hours on it, and she’s been quite the mule. My question concerns my chainguide, which broke recently and derailed my chain on the trail. It was a nightmare to get back in, and I had to leave it in the woods and go back the next day riding double with a buddy. The guide has only been on there for three years. What should I do about it?
“Derailed Dual-Sporter”
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Oh my! Only three years and the nearly indestructible TM Designs unit failed? I can attest to the strength and durability of the TM unit, their memory system built into the unit, and how it absorbs blows and returns to normal. Add in the fact that they will outlast the stock unit by staggering amounts is not hearsay but a reality. You will find them on nearly every factory off-road team, not because they pay the teams to use them, but because the team demands them by virtue of their durability under total duress. In looking at your machine, the hammered condition of the chain, and what appears to be a history of torture to the guide itself, you should be ashamed. Remember, the driveline on your dirt bike is the heart. When it fails, your machine morphs into a worthless lump of suet. 

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