Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I recently suffered a broken chain when I was miles from my truck. Do you have any advice here? Getting back in was terrible, because I didn’t have anything to fix it with, and no one in my group had a tow strap. My buddy used his leg to push me, but there was a lot of sand. Now, I think the dude hates me! It took us hours!

Stewart S

via [email protected]

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Stewart, the majority of chain drama is caused by the operator’s lack of maintenance and periodic replacement of worn parts. Your driveline should be inspected after every ride for link wear, dramatic stretching and masterlink degradation. By checking the links, you can eyeball the chain-link lifeline. Worn plates equal major use and grounds for a new system. This includes changing out both the front and rear sprockets! Do not cut corners, and one final bit of sage: Always carry a tow strap, a mini chain breaker (Motion Pro offers these) and a spare master link!

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