Center for Biological Diversity Encouraging the closure of Red Rock Canyon to Vehicular Use!

Red Rock Canyon State Park is amending their General Plan.
Comments needed in support of designating the route system throughout the Park to keep the roads open.
Red Rock Canyon State Park is not only rich in beautiful geology, but it is even richer in it’s mining history and culture and we the people deserve to be able to responsibly tour the Park by motorized means.
CBD is on a all out letter writing campaign to ban all vehicle access to the park
Here is link to CBD release
Pretty scary stuff !
Letters and emails must be received by January 5th.
Please write your comments to both of the following,
[email protected]
[email protected]
More info.

 The El Pasos received some recent snow, the last time we remember it being like this is (6-8′ at Burro Schmidt’s) in the mid-90’s (92?) and it is really beautiful in the mountains around Ridgecrest. The Red Rocks State Park Management Plan is in its comment period, and we need your input. The following note came in from one of our members and I thought it important enough to pass along.
‘The Center for Biological Diversity is urging it’s members to write letters encouraging the closure of the entire 27, 000 acres of Red Rock Canyon to vehicular use. The Center notes the Management Plan will govern use of the area for the next 20 years, and cites 2 endangered plants and the Mohave Ground Squirrel as some of the reasons to close the area. They are using buzzwords such as ‘defacto roads’ and stating vehicles are destroying the pristine environment and killing desert tortoises.
Please see if you can make the time to write your own letter supporting the continued use of vehicles in Red Rock Canyon.  Email your comments to:  [email protected]
or mail them to:
Russ Dingman,
California State Parks, Tehachapi District,
43779 15th Street West,
Lancaster, California, 93534-4754.

For more info go to:

Here’s an example of one person’s comment:

 I have been visiting Red Rocks State Park for over 20 years at least
 once a month. I have never seen NEVER evidence of a tortoise killed on
 one of the existing access roads to this beautiful area. I do suggest we
 should limit access to roads that were established by the 1980’s, such as
 the 4wd routes through lower Last Chance Canyon. Thank You
 Charles Hattendorf
 Friends of Last Chance Canyon
Thanks for taking the time to write some comments.
Merry Christmas,
Greg Weirick
Advocates for Access to Public Lands

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