Caselli Earns 3rd at WORCS Round 6

Sacramento, CA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Kurt Caselli earns 3rd place at round 6 of the WORCS Series at the Prairie City OHV Park. His teammate, Justin Soulè took home a hard fought 5th overall.

‘My start was interesting to say the least,’ remarked Caselli on his unbelievable save from a near crash on the start. ‘I came around the first turn and was hit from behind. The impact threw my body from my bike but I still clung to the bars. After dragging my feet for a couple seconds I somehow managed to jump back onto my bike recovering in 18th.’ His teammate, Soulè had much better luck on the start and managed to come around the first turn in 4th. Not only did Soulè have a tremendous start, but by the end of the first lap he had taken over the lead!

Soulè held his lead for the next two laps, until Bobby Bonds came forward to challenge for the lead. ‘Bonds got by me on the third lap, but then slid out allowing me to pass him back,’ stated Soulè. ‘The pace to hold the lead was intense. I tried as hard as I could to stay up front but I definitely tired the last couple of laps.’

By the halfway point, Caselli had moved his way from 18th into the top ten. Although he was far back from the current first place ride of Ricky Dietrich, he was running the same lap times and began to pick off the other riders inside the top ten that were ahead of him. At the end of the race Caselli had climbed his way into 3rd place while Soulè finished 5th to tie his best finish of the season.

Next Round: Olympia, WA – August 8-10, 2008

Overall Results:

  1. Ricky Dietrich
  2. Bobby Bonds
  3. Kurt Caselli
  4. Tim Weigand
  5. Justin Soulè
  6. Sean Collier
  7. Nathan Woods
  8. Destry Abbott
  9. Jamie Lanza
  10. Gary Sutherlin

Overall Points:

  1. Ricky Dietrich – 147
  2. Bobby Bonds – 132
  3. Kurt Caselli – 114
  4. Bobby Garrison – 105
  5. Kyle Summers – 83
  6. Damon Huffman – 79
  7. Tim Weigand – 69
  8. Justin Soulè – 67
  9. Jamie Lanza – 60
  10. Sean Collier – 55

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