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From the desk of Tom Webb

Weird things always happen in threes, and day three of the ISDE proved to be a nasty one for the American Trophy Team. Kurt Caselli, in contention for the overall and a class win, plus being one of the go-to guys on the U.S. squad flipped hard on the second Special test of the day. He knocked himself out and only when he was talking with his fellow Trophy member Ricky Dietrich did the extent of the crash scud into focus.  RD rode with Kurt into the pit, where he was transported to a hospital for observation. Taking over the number one slot in the overall category was none other than KTM’s Juha Salminen. Ricky Dietrich rode great and sits in fourth position. Nathan Woods came back strong as he overalled both motocross tests and took a second in both Red Bull tests, giving the U.S. team three out of six victories today. Arizona’s Destry Abbott used his dez and dry slippery skills to maintain a good overall showing.

Day Three Results (unofficial)

World Trophy: 1. France 2. Italy 3. USA 4. Finland 5. Spain

Junior World Trophy: 1. Italy 2. Australia 3. France 4. Spain 5. Finland

Women’s Cup: 1. France 2. USA 3. Sweden 4. Germany


1. Juha Salminen FIN

2. Sebastien Guillame FRA

3. Ivan Cervantes ESP

4. Ricky Dietrich USA

5. Stefan Merriman AUS

6. Marko Tarkkala FIN

7. Christophe Nambotin FRA

8. Rodrig Thain FRA

9. Alessandro Belometti ITA

10. Fabrizio Dini ITA

Destry’s ISDE Report

I only have a few minutes each night, but if you want to keep up on what’s going on over here in Greece you can check out my message board (quick updates, video links, etc.).

The first two days went ok for me, but today (day 3) I rode more like myself and was putting in good times. Most of you know Kurt Caselli is out with a concussion, but they only count 5 of the top 6 Trophy riders scores. He was our Captain and we knew he would always be there, but now he’s going to have to cheer us on from the sidelines.
The US Trophy Team is still in third overall and we’ll try our best to stay there or improve. Thanks for everyone’s help and support!
A huge thanks to Monster Kawasaki and GPR Stabilizers for helping me out with this years ISDE! Time to get to bed (8:00 pm here and 10:00 am on the west coast).

Best Wishes, 

Mandi’s ISDE Report

ISDE Greece Day 3 Update

Hi Everyone!!

Today went much better for myself. I didn’t drop any trail points and really had an enjoyable day. My special test times are still not where I’d like them to be, but I’m working on it and trying to improve everyday. Nicole had excellent special test times today, but unfortunately, she broke her triple clamp mount and lost about 17 route points. Maria had another good day! She is staying strong and leading our team! At the end of the day today, the USA Women’s Team is still standing in a solid 2nd place.

Team USA World Trophy rider Kurt Caselli went out today. He had a major get off in one of the transfer sections and suffered a severe concussion. But the rest of the World Trophy team is rolling strong with Rick Dietrick and Nathan Woods putting in impressive rides today. The USA World Trophy team is currently standing in 3rd place.

Tomorrows trail will be the same trail as we rode today. It’s 2 loops of fast jeep roads and some enjoyable trail sections, along with 3 special tests that we ride two times. The sections today seemed to hold up alot better than Day 1 & 2 course.

Thanks for everyone support!!  Go Team USA!!!


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