Can Riding a Dirt Bike Help You Lose Weight?

Dirt biking is one of the most enjoyable activities that can be done virtually anywhere. It gives riders a sense of adventure, relieves stress and even be used as a convenient means of transportation. Many use it as a way to explore new places and ride into the terrain for an off-road adventure. Dirt biking can even be used as a form of daily exercise to build strength.

You may even ask yourself, “Is dirt biking really good for keeping fit?” For instance, can it help you lose weight? The answer is yes, and we’ll demonstrate three ways how dirt biking can help you lose weight.

1. It Can Help Burn Calories

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Dirt biking, like swimming, can increase the number of calories a person burns as it’s an activity that requires a lot of physical energy. Dirt biking is actually even more challenging than other biking activities because when a person rides on uneven terrain, their core needs to be engaged to maintain balance; their biceps and triceps must constantly push and pull the handlebars as they go off jumps; and their quadriceps and hamstrings are always fighting the up and down direction of the heavy dirt bike. Plus, the struggle to keep full control of the dirt bike exercises the chest and back muscles with every explosive maneuver. With all of the physical demands of dirt biking, riders definitely increase the number of calories they burn, thus effectively leading to weight loss.

2. A Very Engaging Activity

One key to weight control is doing an activity that is engaging, which is why dirt biking is great for losing weight. We’ve already demonstrated it’s a calorie burner, but so is running on a treadmill. However, a treadmill, and other exercise methods, can be boring. All weight loss programs for men work best when the subject is engaged and enjoying outside activities, and what could be better than throwing a dirt bike around a track? Dirt bikes are awesome machines that are designed to let riders go anywhere with ease. Whether it’s riding on flat track or off-road on trails, dirt biking is an engaging activity that can help riders lose weight while enjoying a rigorous physical workout.

3. Camaraderie

Weight loss is not an easy task, and generally speaking, men find it tougher to talk about obesity and get a support group when trying to lose weight. A dirt bike rider can join one of many dirt bike communities as a source of support when trying to shed some pounds. If you can’t find dirt bike communities in your local area, you could join online communities. Two examples are Forum and DirtRider, which are forums for all dirt bike enthusiasts to discuss and share information on dirt bikes, get advice, and make new friends. Many dirt bike communities meet up and enjoy riding out together to increase camaraderie, which can be a powerful source of support when trying to lose weight.

Losing weight may sometimes be a tedious and boring goal, and thus may be perceived as hard to achieve. Dirt biking is fun and can help you lose weight faster as it engages your body in a complete workout while letting you have an adventurous fun ride! Try it out and shed the pounds off the trail!

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