Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I’m an older off-road rider, have been riding since CZs populated the planet and have a steady diet of riding nearly every weekend of the year. Lately, our group has evolved with some new, younger riders entering the mix, and they naturally like to test themselves in tougher terrain. So, they have added obstacles that frankly scare me. Usually, they are severe drops or snotty, rock-free falls, and at this stage in life I’d prefer not to get hurt on the trail. What’s your advice here? I don’t want to be the weak link and snivel.

“Big Bill”

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Ah, Bill, this is something that I am familiar with. With age comes wisdom, but this is punctuated with vision and depth perception that wanes, a lack of flexibility and, naturally, less strength. I have learned to pack my ego and either ask for help or walk my machine down an obstacle that sends my sensors into the survival mode. I recall doing the same for older fellows back when I felt rather fearless, and in our group our young guys always offer assistance The rule here is simple: you don’t get a cheeseburger for doing something that scares you. When in doubt, bulldog it out!

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