Photos and story by Tom Webb

The WORCS round show hit the Race Town, Adelanto round of the series and was greeted with superb weather, a tough circuit and a full commitment of high-end talent. All of the regulars were in attendance, Dietrich, Abbott, Soule, Caselli, Brown, Robbie Bell along with star power in the form of Suzuki’s Josh Strang, Geico’s Eli Tomac and the return of former number one Bobby Bonds. It’s strange since we test at Race Town frequently so the track is familiar to us, yet in a two-hour format with a generous section of brutal, whooped out off-road the circuit rated as a pounder from all of the racers and this writer couldn’t fathom the speed, abuse and fitness level that the top riders exude. We’ll have a full report tomorrow, but here are my pics, along with what ever I over heard or gleaned from chatting with my buddies.

The start to the Pro race had Bonds (power wheelying next to #71 Summers) , Kyle Summers and Bell grabbing the lead to the 2-hour event.

Bobby Bonds was the only guy to double over the tires in the Enduro-X section and showed incredible speed in his first ride back after his shoulder/collarbone debacle from the San Diego SX. He pretty much pulled off after the 35-minute point of the race after leading the first lap by a considerable margin.

VMS’s Kyle Summers rode an incredible race only to run out of fuel on the last lap while in 2nd place. His new YZF was fit with an IMS big tank, but we overheard that the fuel was boiling and cycling out of the overflow. More later.

Mike Brown had an average start, and then pulled a gradual and dedicated charge that eventually put him into the lead. Brownie looked gnarly!

Kurt Caselli started mid-pack and then put on a charge that had his last hour about the fastest of the day. Kurty finished right behind Mike Brown and is leading the WORCS title chase.

Eli Tomac (son of the great Mountain Biker John Tomac) continues to show stunning speed and a reckless style. He tallied a fifth and looked great!

 Ricky Dietrich started decently, worked his way into the lead and dominated the mid-portion of the race. He eventually dwindled, the cause unknown at this point though he kept looking at his front end. RD finished third.

Justin Soule bounced around the top seven, and eventually tallied a 5th, courtesy of Kyle Summers who suffered from fuel vacancy on the final lap.

Colton Haaker put in a strong ride and finished 2nd in the Pro 2 class.

Robbie Bell had a good start, rode strong and finished off the back after a big flip in the off-road section.

Pro 2 rider Cole Martinez battled up front and ended up in third.

Husaberg’s Nathan Woods finished in 9th and seemed to be struggling.

Ryan Orr is our buddy and that’s why he gets a pic!!

Suzuki’s Josh Strang has dominated the GNCC series, but started horribly (ramming the gate) and the crashing hard (look at his left arm). Rodney Smith held him in the pits for over a minute trying to convince him to stop (he banged his head pretty good) before Josh shook him off and re-entered the race. He finished 7th, though appeared to have the speed for a podium!

Just love this shot of Dietrich scrubbing while in the lead.

Ryan Abbatoye moved into the Pro 2 lead mid race and never looked back.

Da winner! Brownie sits in third place in the points, in spite of DNFing one race! Not too shabby.

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