Customizing and modifying your bike is great recreational activity for cyclists, but not all modifications are worth trying out. Bike modifications are never easy, and they require some level of expertise and patience to carry out, but they can make your bike more functional and fun to drive. With expert help, you can buy parts and perform the changes as needed. Here are five brilliant motorbike modifications you should consider.

1. Motorcycle lights

A bright motorcycle glow makes your bike unique, and many motorcycle lights can use some upgrades. You can change the boring manufacturing lights to LED lights. These lights shine bright, especially at night, and you can see clearer compared to white light. You can buy a glow kit for your bike and install it yourself. The installation process is relatively easy depending on the kit you buy them. Most glow kits come ready for installation. However, if you are unsure, have an expert install them for you.

2. Windshield

The windscreen is small but effective.

While most people ignore windshields, a great windscreen can make a great difference. Most manufacturers and bike lovers only focus on other safety features like helmets. Yet, a windshield can result in drag if installed poorly. Windshields vary in size. Some are small, while large ones are common for touring bikes. You can upgrade your windshield by asking a professional to help you align it.

3. Turn signals

Even on the trendiest bikes, turn signals can stick out and look misplaced. You can change the turn signals to something more classic and cool. Custom signals are trendy and more functional. They come with LED lighting and are more in place than the standard ones. Custom signals are easier to see at night, and they are a worthy investment. The installation process requires professional help.


Deep tread grooves target off-road grip, while the bias-ply construction was for stability at speed and off-road performance.

Most factory tires are not functional and suitable for all terrains. For this reason, you need to invest in better tires. Unless you own a custom-made bike, consider having new tires as soon as you buy the bike. Tire installation is not a complicated task, but it will cost you money to get a new set. Consider selling your old tires online to help pay for the new set of tires. Before you make a purchase, do your research and find the tires that are best suited for your bike make and model.

5. Engine guards

Our test bike came with engine guards ($330) and a Rally seat ($220). Both are good ideas.

Engine guards are suitable for large touring bikes and cruising motorcycles. If you own one of these, consider getting an engine guard to keep your engine safe in case of a spill or crash. It consists of steel bars that separate your bike from the ground in case of fall. They can save you a lot of money that you would spend buying a new engine. Have an expert help you with the installation of the engine guard sliders.


Bike modifications are an excellent way of making your bike more functional and safe. They also ensure that you save money in case of any accidents.


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