PRODUCT: The X40F front Bridgestone tire targets hard terrain using their asymmetric tread pattern, which optimizes block placement that promotes a stable grip under braking on hard terrain. It was developed as a high-end motocross tire, touting high durability, superior grip and cornering performance.

OUR TAKE: Most of our testing of the Bridgestone X40F was performed in off-road zones where there’s about as much traction as an oil slick on polished concrete. So, with moist dirt being a pipe dream, having the correct front tire to handle the hardpack, rocky and sketchy terra firma is important. In these far-from-optimum conditions, the X40F hooks up and stays in contact with the terrain with a big appetite. The radius of the carcass is quite impressive, allowing for a large contact patch, and the tread pattern is aggressive for strong traction under braking. The X40F has been shockingly durable, seeming to hold a good edge on the unique knob pattern. We ran it off-road with 12 psi, and the tire stayed compliant and the install was easy, as it had a nice, roomy carcass for tube insertion. Overall, the Bridgestone X40F is at the top of the charts when the going gets slick and burnt out.


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