When Team Kawasaki signed Brian Brown in ’97 he looked to be the heir apparent to a long list of dominant off-road racers that included Larry Roeseler, Ted Hunnicut, and Destry Abbott. With his performance in this year?s Hare & Hounds– winning the final round and finishing second in nearly every other race to his teammate Abbott, the Brown era stands poised to begin. “When I first joined Kawasaki, Destry and I always talked about how to beat Ty [Davis]. Now we?re competing against each other for the victory every race. This year I had a lot of bad luck, but finished the season with a win.” We decided to throw Brian a curve ball and ask him about life?s really important questions; Questions like his favorite wrestler and whether or not there?s life on other planets.

DIRT BIKE: What was the last book you read?
BB: I don?t know. It was a mystery, and it was about three years ago.

DIRT BIKE:Is there life on other planets?
BB: Sure, why not?

DIRT BIKE: Brittany or Christina?
BB: Brittany?definitely

DIRT BIKE: Who is your favorite professional wrestler?
BB: Ah, what?s his name?Stone Cold Steve Austin

DIRT BIKE: What?s your favorite food?
BB: Pizza

DIRT BIKE: What?s in your C.D. player right now?
BB: I?m not sure, either Papa Roach or Godsmack

DIRT BIKE: Frosted Flakes or Wheaties?
BB: Frosted Flakes

DIRT BIKE: What?s the stupidest thing you?ve done on a motorcycle?
BB: Too many to list

DIRT BIKE: What sound do you hate?
BB: Fingernails on a chalkboard

DIRT BIKE: What sound do you love?
BB: A 500 screaming thru a valley

DIRT BIKE: Coke or Pepsi?
BB: Pepsi

DIRT BIKE: What would be worse, stranded on a plane with Ricky Martin or N?Sync
BB: Ricky Martin

DIRT BIKE: What is your favorite James Bond movie?
BB: The World Is Not Enough


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