U.S. Hare & Hound Champion Ricky Brabec was given a last-minute opportunity to ride for the HRC Honda Rally team in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, and he’s making the most of it. After the first two days of riding, he finds himself in sixth overall, out performing the team’s main rider, Joan Barreda, who suffered an electrical problem on day one. KTM riders Marc Coma and Sam Sunderland were first and second on day one.

“My first day here at the rally went good,” said Brabec. “But I made a rookie mistake just trying to ride through the dust and I hit something on the road which popped me up and threw me on my side. Other than that it was a good day and I’m learning the way that the navigation works. I’m riding through the sand dunes and I’m seeing all these faster guys’ lines, how they approach it and how they ride down the back side of them. So today was a good day and hopefully the rest of the rally will be better.”



Day two went well for Barreda, who won the stage while Brabec rode with his other teammate, Paulo Goncalves.

“Yeah, today was great. The mass start was a little bit different. Paulo and I just sat back and watched what everyone was doing. I think he finished where he wanted to. The bike felt better and rode the sand-dunes much better. Also, there were no mistakes today so that is always a plus.”


Rider Standings


Pos. Rider Num Nation Team Time/Gap
1 SUNDERLAND Sam GBR KTM Red Bull Rally Factory 7:22’53
2 COMA Marc SPA KTM Red Bull Rally Factory + 3’30
3 GONCALVES Paulo POR Team HRC + 9’03
4 WALKNER Mathias AUT KTM Red Bull Rally Factory + 12’41
5 FARIA Ruben POR KTM Red Bull Rally Factory + 13’11
6 BRABEC Ricky USA Team HRC + 14’10
7 ALBALOOSHI Mohammed UAE KTM UAC + 15’49
8 QUINTANILLA Pablo CHI KTM Warsaw Rally Team

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