By Bobby Bonds.

Photos: T-Dub

  The race was rather boring for me really.  I started off the race around 8th, and really took my time getting to the front. I didn’t want to make a big mistake and ruin my race from the beginning, so I was extremely careful, actually too careful, allowing Summers and Dietrich to break away.

On the line with our Valli Motorsports Manager Charles Halcomb

The arrow points out Bondo off the start

I got to 3rd on the second lap, but I had some arm pump issues to deal with, as soon as those were finally calming down, I tried to make a push to the front and that is when I had my biggest set back of the race. I stalled the bike in a weird off-camber corner and fell over. The bike was on the side of this hill and my legs were to short to get on it, so I had to push it up the hill a little, then I again my legs were too short to kick it while holding myself up. (Pathetic I know)  so, I had to balance myself while kicking it, finally getting going again in 5th place.

The WORCS-cross section was fairly brutal

Passing Woods early on, searching for Summers and Dietrich who were in a hurry

I worked my way back up to 3rd and just didn’t have the speed to reel in the top two guys. Every time I would push I’d have so many close calls it just wasn’t worth it with the set-up we were running. So, for about an hour I rode around by myself in 3rd place. Then unfortunately for Kyle he ran into some mechanical issues, which bumped me up to 2nd place. 


Bonds feels that they need to keep working on bike setup.

Overall, I know it was a good start to the season, along with Valli Motorsports 1st podium in as many tries, but I wasn’t very pleased with my performance. I wasn’t totally comfortable with the bike yet, but I know the team will work hard to get me there, and more time on the bike never hurts. Last year I got 2nd in the 1st round, and was super pumped. This year I got 2nd and felt like I let myself down. We have some time until the next race, and we will test, and I will train even harder and come back stronger and the next round for sure.


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