Bobby Bonds is a different type of motorcycle rider. Different isn?t meant to be a bad connotation; in fact, Bobby could be described as unusual. Taking the path that nearly no one has ever taken, the kid with a movie star name originally came from amateur motocross stardom. After a long and ugly string of injuries, Bonds has decided to forego motocross and instead focus on the WORCS series. So far so good, because Bobby finds himself planted firmly in second place on the point?s board behind Nathan Woods. We phoned Bonds – Bobby Bonds – right before he was heading to driving school and talked to him about racing, winning, and his future.

Bobby, what have you been doing?
Well actually, I?m just heading to driving school. I have a few tickets that I have to take care of, so I have to go to driving school.

How does it feel knowing that if for some reason Nathan Woods DNFs a race, you?re right back in the thick of things?
That?s what I?m hoping for [laughter]. I had a bad race when I ran out of gas and I?ve been playing catch up since then. I?ve learned a lot since the beginning of the year and I?m trying to keep myself right in the point standings.

When you?re at a WORCS race, how much exposure do you get from fans and spectators?
Actually, at the start of the series no one even came up and talked to me because they didn?t know who I was. Now that I?ve won I get fans who come up and talk to me. This past weekend Ty Davis was leading the race and I was trailing him. It was crazy because I could hear the fans cheering for me to catch and pass him. The guy is legendary and the fans were cheering me on!

Why is Nathan Woods so good?
It?s got to be tons of things. He?s done the series now for a few years and he knows what to expect. He gets great starts all the time and he?s consistent. Also, he?s on a four-stroke which I would definitely think helps. I was so bummed to hear that Kawasaki wasn?t going to come out with their 450F model next year.

Are you interested in racing the WORCS series next year?
As long as everything works out, I?d love to do it. I mean, I haven?t even got an offer yet. I?m waiting to see what happens.

And what about the rest of this year, what are you going to be doing?
I?ll be doing the rest of the WORCS and I?m also going to ride a few outdoor motocross Nationals. It looks like I?m going to have to take a stock bike to Washougal and Glen Helen and race. I hate riding stock two-strokes, but there?s nothing else that I can do.

You trail Woods in the win count – he has four wins to your three. How difficult is it to beat him?
It?s definitely difficult. He?s smart, he stays up and he gets great starts. When I won this past weekend, I still crashed six times [laughter]. I?m learning as the series goes on and it?s only my first year.

You?ve been plagued with health problems in the past. How is your health nowadays?
Actually, for once it?s pretty good. I haven?t been injured in a year or so, knock on wood. The elbow has been getting better and it doesn?t hurt as much. This weekend it felt good and I was able to stretch it out more than it normally does, that was until I crashed and I hurt it a bit. Things are looking up.

What do you think about when you?re going all-out racing for two hours?
I?m pretty good about what I think about. I always get a bad start for some reason, so I think about going fast. I also think about the pit that?s coming up. Like at the last race I knew that I had to pin it while Ty Davis was pitting. But mostly I?m thinking about picking myself up off the ground after I crash [laughter].

You?ve got to be excited that you?re beating the defending champ Ty Davis in the point standings.
It?s really good. We both leveled out in the point standings and we both DNF?d the first race. I mean, the guy was riding before I was born!

What are you doing in your time off from the WORCS series?
I?m racing Mammoth this weekend, and then I?ll be hitting up some local races so that I don?t go broke.

Thanks for the interview and keep the speeding down – at least on the road.
[Laughter] I?ll do my best, thank you


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