BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County X-Challenge Team

BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County X-Challenge Team

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Newbury Park, CA BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County has formed a race team equipped with the new BMW G650 X-Challenge. Howard Rantz will be piloting the number 70 machine alongside Kyle Satterlee on the number 76 machine. The team plans to run AMA District 37 races and USDR races throughout the year. Combined with the help of BMW Motorcycles, Shoei Helmets, Oxtar Boots, Helmet House, Parts Unlimited, Thor and Dunlop the team has high hopes that they can make this year a successful one and develop the motorcycle to its fullest potential.

Howard and Kyle got their first taste of what the BMW G650 X-Challenge is all about yesterday afternoon as they took to the dirt and air in a shake down run. Initial reactions to the G650 are very positive with both riders feeling very confident that the G650 X-Challenge still has a lot more to offer than we have seen.

With the first race just days away (April 7th and 8th), this first test was vital for the team to start developing the X-Challenge into a race motorcycle. What is known so far is that the G650 has great brakes and a lot of torque. This is a great first step in the development of the G650 X-Challenge. Both riders look forward to developing the motorcycle more and getting the first race under their belt.

Howard Rantz
Competition Number: 70

“The BMW G650 X-Challenge doesn?t take any getting used to. I love the ergonomics of it. I hopped on the 650 and didn?t even have to change the handlebars. It was just, get on the thing and go, you know? The G650 has plenty of torque and phenomenal brakes. I was really surprised by how stable it is. The stability is really good. I need to dial in the rear shock to make it better in the rough and put an exhaust system on but other than that I?m really stoked about the X-Challenge. BMW has built another great motorcycle. I?m really looking forward to the first race!”   

Kyle Satterlee
Competition Number: 76

“The BMW G650 X-Challenge is very comfortable with little vibration. It?s very nice at highway speeds. I think what I enjoyed the most was the torque and high RPM acceleration. The brakes are just great, almost too much! I think we can pick up a few more hp with an exhaust system and maybe shave some weight. The G650 just wants to run! We?ll see how this first race goes. I?m really looking forward to it!”              


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