On this week’s 2-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we take a trip down memory lane to a Honda CR125 build that just might have started a project bike movement. Back in 2016 we did a 2001 Honda CR125 rebuild but gave put a $3,000 limit on the build. Now remember this was almost seven years ago now and you might be shocked on how much prices have gone up!

With this CR125 build we gave ourselves a $3,000 budget and that included the price of the bike. The bike cost was $250 and was delivered to us in about 10 different boxes. It’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished with some elbow grease and some imagination .

One thing that had to be replaced was the OEM Mikuni carburetor . We broke the stock unit dialing in the jetting. Luckily Mikuni offers a replacement that comes jetted ready to go. It’s cost more than you would spend on Ebay but its guaranteed to work and the crew at Mikuni will be able to answer any questions you might have.

The pipe was mangled and was fixed by Pacific Crest Pipe Repair at a fraction of what a new unit would of cost. We cleaned up and repacked the silencer packing making it good as new. Mylers supplied us with beefy replacement radiators. A lot of OEM parts were cleaned up and used .

The engine was completely rebuilt by LA Sleeve and the cylinder was repaired by them as well. Rebuilding a complete 2-stroke engine is far more affordable than a 4-stroke thats for sure. Samco silicone radiator hoses added some bling and replaced the cracking stock units.

MSR Hardparts makes a lot of bolt-on items for older 2-strokes that are affordable. The OEM wheel sets were cleaned up by Faster USA for around $200 and look amazing.

All the powder coating on this build are done by Chris Johnson and the crew at San Diego Powder and Protective Coating. They understand what we need having a background on two and four wheels, have a fast turnaround and do some amazing work.

Price : Contact for pricing.

Contact : or (619) 956-0987


YES, we did go over budget by about $600 and the bike is not perfect but it is very competitive at our local track and produces tons of smiles. We will take those results to the bank any day of the week!

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