On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we take a look at the 2005 KX250 that Precision Concepts helped Blayne Thompson build to race the Wiseco 2-Stroke World Championship held at Glen Helen in San Bernardino California. As always 2-Stroke Theater is packed with premix burning machine for your viewing enjoyment. 2-Stroke Hardware features products from Nihilo Concepts and Spartan Epoxies. Kawasaki two-stroke faithful won’t want to miss the exclusive link at the bottom of this post!

As you can see Blayne’s KX250 has all the 2019 KX250F plastics, seat, subframe, airbox and gas tank. The kit that allows the use of these newer items was originally designed by Jon Primo one of the Pro Circuit race team mechanics. This machine features more than just updated looks.

The engine was kept surprisingly stock internally. Boyesen ignition and clutch covers were added along with a complete RAD valve intake system. A Moto Hose green silicone radiator and carburetor hose kit replaced the OEM units. You can see one of the brackets used to attach the 250F subframe right by the swingarm pivot.

ARC composite folding levers and adjustable RC-8 clutch perch are used along with AME diamond pattern grips.

Suspension wise the entire front-end is off Blayne’s 2019 KX450 off-road race bike. The braking system has some factory flare with Nissin components and a Galfer oversize rotor. The wheels are off his practice machine and feature Talon billet hubs, oversized spokes and Excel A60 black rims.

The team uses Pro Circuit exhaust on their race bikes so this machine features a Platinum expansion chamber and 304 Factory Sound silencer. Other bolt-on items include IMS pegs, Boyesen Super Cooler and clutch cover.

Blayne and his daughter were all smiles during our photoshoot.

This bike has the looks and the goods to race against modern day machines.



The Nihilo Concepts Carbon Fiber Skid Plate is hand-made from 100% resin infused Carbon Fiber for durability and strength without adding a bunch of weight. Molded around the frame tubing the Nihilo glide plate is designed to become with the machine.


Spartan Epoxies makes a variety of industrial grade epoxy floor kits for the do-it-yourselfer starting with single car garage all the way up to 5000 square foot commercial buildings. Each kit is available in multiple color options are UV and heat resistant for long term durability.


If you like the Kawasaki 2-stroke featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out the full story on “The Unit” we built with Tyler Bower. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR MORE!

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