DB 10Bad Brad Lackey, Husqvarna factory rider in 1976 sits in his plush surroundings in the back of the team box van as the mechanic is looking for answers to the handling woes on his machine. Steve Simons (Long hair, white t-shirt and mustached) who had developed suspension for Fox at the time) watches as Brad’s rear dampers get an oil change. Steve went on to become one of the most important men in motocross as he developed a series of fork technology (anti-cav fork kits, the 44mm fork, bottoming systems and ultimately, the upside down (USD) fork, which he held the patent on) that in the end won Americas its first World motocross championship under the guidance of Brad Lackey in 1982. Steve went on to do pretty well with a little mountain bike company…RockShox which set the standard for MTB suspension in 1989 and held it for many years.

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