Larry Roeseler, or LR as he has long been called will go down in American racing lore as perhaps the fastest and most versatile off-road athlete that we have ever produced. His off-road career started early in the California desert racing a Harley Davidson. He graduated to Husqvarnas, became a dominant force in both desert and Baja racing but always held a secret passion for racing the ISDT. Husky gave him that chance and LR proved to the world that he didn’t just know how to go fast in a straight line. His motocross and trail speed were world-class level and during his career he took home 10 Gold Medals in ISDE competition.

LR also had a penchant for racing the unique events and was a 7-time winner of the brutally tough Virginia City Grand Prix plus numerous overall wins at the infamous Tecate Enduro. During his stint with Yamaha (1981-82) he won several National Enduros riding a 4-speed YZ490! His Baja career was resurrected when he joined Team Green in 1987 and his boss Mark Johnson wanted to dominate Baja. By the time LR retired from competitive dirt bike racing he was a 10-time SCORE Baja 1000 overall winner, 12-time Baja 500 overall winner.

Larry is still racing in Baja, albeit Trophy Trucks and he’s still winning. There is no doubt that LR is a racing Legend.


LR circa 1979. Classic LR form, style, balance and efficiency were  Roeseler trade marks.


1982, Factory Husqvarna rider at the ISDE in Wales.


Larry did a two-year stint with Factory Yamaha. They were introducing their IT off-road lineup and LR teamed with Bruce Ogilive, John Fero and Mike Hannon from 81-82.


1986, Italy and the ISDE. LR had switched to the Husky 4-stroke and took home top American honors.


Roeseler mated well with the Team Green discipline. They wanted to race and Baja, National Hare and Hounds , Enduros and the ISDE was their stomping ground. LR was the fastest man in America and that wasn’t too shabby considering they had a young Danny Hamel on board and had enlisted Danny LaPorte for ISDE and Baja tours.


Here’s a pretty cool LR video about racing trucks in Baja.

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