Gary Semics started his career racing for Husqvarna. He became the first 500cc Supercross Champion in 1974 and while few remember it, he raced a Honda for a short time in 1974. What happened with the Husky ride? In Gary’s words “In 1974, Bob Grossi and I were the two strongest riders on the US Husqvarna Team but that didn’t stop Husky from firing both of us for getting injured on mini bikes. The injuries happened one day apart causing us to miss several Trans Am races. Bob tore his ACL really badly and I broke my left elbow.” There were two races left in the series and through Ron Turner, Billy Grossi’s mechanic Ron talked Honda into letting Gary race for them. Gary went on to a 4th overall and 3rd overall finish and believes that was a crucial factor in getting his Factory Kawasaki ride in 1975. The photo shows Gary on the red tipped silencer Honda racing with KTM mounted Lars Larsson.

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