ISDE  Brazil 2003.


Per Mike Webb, Team Manager of Suzuki Off-road at the time.  This was a special test right on the beach. The tests were split between riding on the sugar beach sand as well as the surrounding sand dunes and then back to dry, hardback trails up to the mountains. Mike rode well with the sole intention of finishing on gold. On the morning of day 6 in Parc Ferme he was struggling with a tire change and was beginning to panic, everyone was giving him advice and he was starting to vapor lock. With the clock ticking down and he getting crazed about impounding his bike on time, he mounted the rear wheel and then hopped on it  and started the bike. Starting in Parc Ferme and riding into impound is grounds for 60 points added to your scorecard. We screamed at him to shut the engine off. Everyone looked at who started there bike and we of course looked at everyone else as if it was someone else. Mike started day 6 thinking he had ruined his gold medal chance but he was never singled out and finished his one and only 6 Days on gold.


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