The Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Off Road Championship Series is pleased and excited to announce that it will be splitting the racing disciplines in 2019; meaning separate racing weekends for the two and four-wheel race divisions. Massive overall growth from race entries has driven this return to the original WORCS format. The one exception is the unique Las Vegas round at the Orleans Arena where all disciplines join up to create an unparalleled racing spectacle. “This separation of the two division will greatly enhance our ability to cater to each specific race type, customer, and the individual course demands of each type. ” says Sean Reddish, Race Director of Off Road Sports.

As part of this expansion plan, we are pleased to announce that Podium Promotions, LLC will join our team moving forward. Podium Promotions lead by Brian Adkison and Randy Perry are thrilled to be joining the WORCS team and help provide the best Off Road Racing you can find. What does that mean for racers, spectators, sponsor and vendors? It means better tracks, more racing opportunities, better pro payouts, room for more vendor and sponsorship opportunities, and much, much more!

All motorcycle Pro Main events will have a $10,000 Pro purse for 2019 that pays $1000 to Pro 2 and $1,000 to Pro 2 Lites.** This season WORCS has $5,000 Pro MC payouts which makes racing WORCS the single best financial decision a Pro Off Road racer can make. As we look forward we feel a $10,000 purse will make things interesting and fun for anybody in the top 10. This with the highest manufacturer payouts west of the Mississippi and racing WORCS becomes an even easier financial choice. Our amateur racers are already the highest paid via manufacturer contingency and we look forward to adding to that number in 2019 with the $1,000 Pro 2 and $1,000 Pro 2 Lites payouts.

This separation will allow the SXS and ATV’s to race on specifically designed courses for their needs. The SXS and ATV pro payouts will total $5,000 for their weekends as we continue to grow this division and keep it’s turnout the largest in the Country.

The WORCS social media exposure is well over 3,000,000 per weekend from all outlets. We expect this to increase greatly through this season and next as we partner with Podium Promotions, LLC to help grow the entire program.

Our newly expanded team of great staff is working hard every day to make sure you get the best tracks, best coverage, and the most dust free off road racing anywhere on the planet.” says Brian.  “The 10k payout is just the beginning; we plan on increasing the fun for everyone! Family movie nights, night races, and skills competitions are just a couple things we have in the works for the upcoming year. We are excited to get to work and show everyone that WORCS is the place to be!”

“WORCS is above all things a professionally run program that strives to provide safe family fun. No where else in the west can you find the consistency of product and punctual racing that WORCS provides along with the best media coverage bar none.” Randy Perry, Podium Promotions, LLC.
The 2019 season schedules will be announced soon so get ready to race with “The fastest racers on the planet!”
Pro MC Payout
1st $2000
2nd $1500
3rd $1000
4th $800
5th $700
6th $600
7th $500
8th $400
9th $300
10th $200
Pro 2 Payout
1st $500
2nd $300
3rd $200
Pro 2 Lites Payout
1st $500
2nd $300

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