I?ve been in California, since Monday, doing a lot of riding and training. I didn?t originally plan on staying over here to do the Big 6 race, but I decided that it would probably be a lot of fun. I had my mechanic (Jonathan) and his buddy (Kyle) drive my box van over on Friday. They also drove my daughter over, who wanted to watch the races. On Friday I stopped by Bobby Bonds house, which isn?t to far from Taft, and did some more riding. It sounds like the race should be pretty fun, but a little on the faster side.


I raced three different races today. The first one was the unclassified race, which was the very first race of the day. I believe there were about 300 riders in this race. I was riding my KX 250, and had a couple of new things I was looking forward to trying in race conditions. When I took off, I had a pretty good start and was in third with Kurt Caselli leading and then Joey Lanza in second. On the second lap, I was right behind Joey when he went down in a rutted corner. I was able to get by and stay within 10 seconds of Kurt who was riding his big 4-stroke really well. I ended up finishing second behind Kurt, followed by Nathan Woods in third.
1st Kurt Caselli
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd Nathan Woods

Open/ 250:
When I got to the start, I was a little upset to find out I was going to be starting on the second row; with the open bikes on the first row. With a little over 30 guys on the front row and a 20 second gap before the second row took off, I knew it wasn?t going to be easy to win this overall. When my row (250?s) took off, I didn?t get a great start and was around 10th. However, I was able to get by everyone in my class pretty quick. Then it was time to try and pass all the open guys I could. By lap 2 or so, I was leading my class and I think I was in third overall. The laps were around 7.5 miles with a lot of hills and some really cool road sections. I was really having a great time with the course, but wasn?t having much luck on catching Kurt who was leading and then it was Mark Tilley in second. By the end of the 50 minute race I was able to get within 10 seconds of Mark, but lost time to Kurt who took the win.
1st Kurt Caselli
2nd Mark Tilley
3rd Destry Abbott (first 250 class)

Team Race:
Nick Pearson and I teamed up for this race. There were a total of 47 teams on the front row. Nick and I decided I would start and then we had to switch every lap with no outside help (including pit stops). On the start I had a good jump, but I think I was in second behind the team of Kurt Caselli and Joey Lanza. There are too many races during the week to remember what happened in each one, so I?m trying my best. Anyway I believe I was second and stayed right there after the first lap, where I gave the bike to Nick. Third was the team of Nathan Woods and Ty Davis. I?m not to sure after that. Nick rode a really good second lap and gave the bike back to me in second. I pretty much did the same thing again. By the fourth lap we had to pit which was pretty interesting with no outside help. When Nick came in I had the big IMS dry break in my hands and filled us up, then I jumped on the bike and took off. Ty got by us since they didn?t have to pit yet. After that we basically just held down third and were never challenged by anyone behind us. Ty and Nathan took the win with Kurt and Joey second.
1st Ty Davis / Nathan Woods
2nd Kurt Caselli / Joey Lanza
3rd Destry Abbott / Nick Pearson


I decided to race this race about a half hour beforehand, since Jonathan wanted to ride his KX250F to get warmed up. The only problem with me racing this race was my vet race was right after it, but it was going to be a great warm-up. I grabbed the whole shot and was able to put a good lead on everyone and took the win after a few laps.
1st Destry Abbott
2nd Elmer Simmon
3rd Gordan Ward

30+ Vet:
After the unclassified race, I hurried up ant gassed my bike, grabbed some new goggles and had my daughter put new numbers on my bike. Then I headed to the starting line for the 30+ Vet race. When I showed up, I was a little surprised to discover I had to start on the second row again. I didn?t know there was an open vet class and a 250 vet class. When the first row took off, I was just able to get my goggles on before our row took off (20 seconds later). I didn?t get that great of a start, but was still lucky enough to get in the lead pretty quick. By the end of the first lap, I was able to pass 30 or so riders to get in third overall. My bike was working really well and the course was really starting to get rough. On this lap, I was able to get by Revelle Harrison and get into second. Then I closed the gap on Ty Davis just before we went out on lap three. I had a couple of good lines that I was able to take and made the pass on Ty. I pushed it pretty hard and was able to get a nice lead going out on the last lap. I was able to take it easy and take the win.
1st Destry Abbott (1st 250 Vet)
2nd Revelle Harrison
3rd Ty Davis

Open 4-stroke / 250F 4-stroke:
This was a race I was really looking forward to. I have so much fun when I get to race my 250F. The bike works really well and is basically stock. The open riders took off first and I took off on the second row again. This time I didn?t get that great of a jump. It might be the fact that most of the kids I race against here only weigh about 140 pounds, while I have an extra 45 pounds on them. LOL On the first corner I just tried to rail the outside and was able to get into third. I then made the pass for second, and followed Jamie Lanza around most of the mx section. We were already passing some of the open riders and it was a lot of fun trying to pass them on the down hills. By the end of the first lap, I was leading my class but was probably 5th overall. I just kept on pushing and was making up some time on some of the tighter sections. By the third lap, I was up to third overall and not to far off Kendall Norman. On the last lap I was trying everything I could to get by, but he was riding really well. Just before we started to get back on the mx section I was able to hold it on a little bit more before the corner and made the pass. I was able to finish with second overall and felt pretty good about that race.
1st Kurt Caselli
2nd Destry Abbott (1st 250f class)
3rd Kendall Norman

Weekend Review
Overall I had a really good time and I?m really glad I was able to go up and race the Big 6 race. I?m planning on racing more this year, and hopefully I?ll have as much fun at the next one as I did here. For the weekend, I won four out of the six races I did (in class). So I?m pretty happy about that. I feel really good going into this next weekend?s race in Mesquite, Nevada for round two of the WORCS series. Hope to see you guys there.


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