2017 Beta RR Race Editions

Press Release
For Immediate Release
Paso Robles, CA
2017 RR Racing Models
The World Champion bike is now available
Beta is launching the new 2017 RR Racing model range to the market, the bike that won the 2016 Manufacturers World Championship and helped Steve Holcombe to become World Champion in the prestigious E3 class along with Johnny Aubertfinishing second. Alex Salvini, to delight the Tuscan Manufacturer accomplished a record for Italy by winning the Italian Enduro Championship.
These Racing editions are also used by the Beta USA Factory team in all aspects of the AMA national championship series.
Besides benefiting from the new features already present on the standard models, the new Beta “Racing” versions feature innovations in suspension as well as providing special features for the racer. New for the 2017 Race line-up is the introduction of the 390 4 stroke to the family. 2017 RR Racing models will be available in the following engine sizes: 250 – 300 2 stroke and 350 – 390 – 430 – 480 4 stroke.
2017 Beta 300 RR Race Edition
2017 Beta 430 RR Race Edition
The Beta engineers worked hard to further improve the front suspension feel of the bike. After the excellent results obtained also on the race tracks by the Factory Beta team, the 48mm closed cartridge Sachs fork was further evolved by increasing both wheelbase and stroke while improving some internal parts to improve reliability and performance. Just like the 2017 standard series fork, the closed cartridge version arrives with a higher quality oil which has proven to reduce friction while offering a more consistent performance during the longer events.

All 2 stroke “Racing” versions continue to run Premix unlike the standard RR 2 stroke models which come equipped with an oil injection system. Beta engineers have decided to remove this feature to minimize weight however the Racing editions are provided with a carburetor and electric wiring so that a separate mixing system can be easily installed thanks to a kit that can be bought from our accessories catalog.
Special components
Added features to all Race Editions that make them stand out from a standard model include:

Quick release front axle pull: it speeds up tire repairs and is very useful               during a race as it saves precious seconds.

Flag style hand guards, with a modern design, sturdy structure and “In-               Mould” graphics; ideal for most extreme off-road riding.
Factory aluminum footpegs: lightweight and strong. Wider than the stock peg. Has steel pins for better grip while still being very durable.

Rear sprocket with an anodized aluminium core and stainless steel teeth: combines a light weight sprocket with the durability of a steel sprocket.
Red aluminum chain tensioner blocks.
Black Excel rims.
Racing seat with a pocket for score cards.

Black anodized shift lever and rear brake pedal.
Transmission oil filler cap, engine oil cap (4 stroke) and oil filter cap (4 stroke) made of red anodized aluminum with a pure Factory look.
Red rim stickers, special seat pocket, and Racing graphics.
Available at Beta dealers in December
Prices are as follows:
250 RR Race Edition        $8899.00
300 RR Race Edition        $8899.00
350 RR Race Edition        $9699.00   (Lower price for 2017)
390 RR Race Edition        $9799.00   (New Model for 2017)
430 RR Race Edition        $9899.00
480 RR Race Edition        $9999.00
Prices plus freight, dealer set up and local taxes.
All Race Editions are also available through Beta’s BYOB (Build Your Own Beta) program. go to for more information.

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