Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I have a 2020 Beta 300RR that is oil injected, and I love the bike dearly. The bike has almost 200 hours, and I want to replace the reeds when I do my first top end. Since the oil line routes directly into the carburetor manifold and has to be removed to get the reeds out, am I going to lose any of the oil that is in the line when I remove it?

Max Norman
Via [email protected]

There seems to be a great deal of oil-injection mistrust at all levels. It’s not new technology and there’s no reason to suspend the use of common sense. Max, let’s start off by trying to be smarter than the oil line. The oil actually will remain in the line, but as a precaution, when you disconnect the oil line, loop the line upwards and zip-tie it so there is no possibility any oil will run out. Since it takes an oil pump to push the oil, you have plenty of time to loop the line upwards and out of your way, and a bubble isn’t going to hurt anything downstream of the oil pump. With any top end job, you should use liberal amounts of oil for assembly and a reasonable break-in procedure. With 200 hours of trail time, you really should have known!

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