Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
My thermostat is leaking on my 2019 Beta 390RRS, and the bike is out of warranty. I’m not sure if I should replace the part or buy a hose kit to eliminate it altogether. Can you feed me your thoughts on my dilemma?
Ryan Sternman
via [email protected]

We’ve seen these housings leak, and for some reason it has mainly been on the Beta four-strokes. Some drip out of the crate and some drip after multiple hours. It’s very hit-and-miss. Beta had sent out a service bulletin and claimed a batch of the thermostat housings were not aligned properly from the factory. This causes them to leak at the seams or pinch the rubber gasket between the two halves of the thermostat. A sure way to fix the problem is to buy a Samco hose kit and eliminate the problem altogether. If you don’t live in a sub-zero climate where you need a thermostat, buying a hose kit and eliminating the thermostat is a viable option.

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