Beta is a small company that builds its products in Florence, Italy–motors, frames and all. In this case, being small is a big advantage. Beta can be more dirt-oriented than Honda, KTM or Husqvarna when it comes to emissions and noise testing. The bike is clean and quiet enough to pass the standards set forth for a small importer. The testing and certification process is still lengthy, bureaucratic and expensive. That’s why Beta doesn’t have a dedicated off-road four-stroke in the standard line up any more. These days, a true off-road bike is required to go through a similar gauntlet of regulations. Beta does offer a closed-course competition four-stroke as a limited edition model. Beta has four dual-sport bikes that share most of the same parts and look nearly identical. There’s a 350, a 390, a 430 and a 500.  All use the same electric-start motor with only differences in bore and stroke. It’s a double overhead cam four-valver with a six-speed gearbox and Synerject fuel injection. The chassis has a steel back bone frame with Sachs suspension. The rear shock uses linkage. The wheels have Nissin brakes and a Trail Tech GPS is standard equipment.

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