By Adam Booth

      For 25 years Scot Harden and Casey Folks have been holding a trail ride out of Caliente Nevada. It started as a small group of friends and slowly grew into an official trail ride for die-hard off-roaders. The first time I participated in the Nevada 200 was five years ago and I haven’t missed one since. It took me a couple of years to make it home from the 200 without broken toes or fingers but for the past three years I’ve made it out alive and well. This year, over the course of three days I had an amazing time riding some epic trails. To ride Nevada in April you best be prepared because one minute it is cold, the next it is beautiful, it is the way the weather works in Nevada and this year was no different.

      I was joined for this years Nevada 200 by Jordan, our youngest and most unprepared off-road test rider. He felt a tool belt and water system were just way too much extra stuff to bring along. That’s ok, he made up for it by watching Ash from Christini (the two-wheel drive people) and myself change tires Friday after the first days ride in a snowstorm while he sat in the van with the heater on. Ash made the trip out from Philadelphia, PA for his first Nevada 200 and while the sand washes were new to him, he was flying through the single track. The first day was a fun warm up with 60 miles of two track, single track and sand washes. By the end of the ride the snow had started falling and the forecast called for a clear day on Saturday. We woke up Saturday morning to clear skies and thirty-degree weather, perfect for a day of dirt biking. By the time we pulled out of Caliente to begin our 120 mile day, the sun was warming the snow just enough to burn through to perfect dirt. So Saturday we spent the first four hours riding amazing trail with perfect traction surrounded by snow and sunshine. The last half the day the dirt was still epic as we traveled across valleys and up and over mountains.

I brought along a special built KLX450, done up from the frame up by Dubach Racing for the six hour race at Glen Helen and for the Nevada 200 event. Race-Tech handled the suspension, Dubach did the motor and exhaust, BRP the triple clamps, IMS supplied the big tank, Sunline took care of the levers, Enduro Engineering protected the hands, Galfer brought it to a stop and a Scotts Stabilizer kept everything from wiggling around. You’ll see a full write up in the July 2009 issue of Dirt Bike on that KLX450.

We also brought along a 2009 CRF250X done up with a lot of Pro Circuit goodies, including suspension, triple clamps and a Pro Circuit exhaust. We also trucked along our long term KTM 250XC Christini two-stroke, which was huge fun in the deep sand washes. With two wheels driving, it pulled just as hard and fast as the Dubach KLX450. The drive home was a long one but worth the trip. This years Nevada 200 was by far the best one I’ve ever been one. Maybe next year will be just as good and I’ll for sure find out, because I don’t plan on missing another one.


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