Best in the Desert: Laughlin Hare Scramble


March 1, 2008


Pre Race:

This is the only race I do in the Best in the Desert series, and I always enjoy it. It’s a lot more technical then any of the other races, and they only race bikes (not cars or trucks like the other ones). It’s also usually my only team race of the year, and my teammate this year is Josh Morros. He’s been riding awesome, and I was pretty confident we had a great shot at the win before the race.


Race Day:

Josh was going to start, and we would switch the KX450 off every half of a lap (each lap would make a figure eight into the pits). The first half was 17-miles, and my part was around 21-miles. We would do this three times before we would get the checkered flag. Josh was the third Pro off, because they started every 20-seconds. He rode an awesome first section, and stayed right on David Pearson who started right in front of us. He actually passed him in the pits when they were fueling up. When we were switching riders, David stayed on the bike and went back by us. I ended up staying around 15-seconds behind him for most of my first loop. Unfortunately right before the pits I took a huge digger. I was pinning it down this fast section, and hit a rock in the middle of the course (didn’t see it) and almost saved it. I was going to do a huge endo, but when I was saving it my feet landed on the right side of the bike and I had to let go. It actually could’ve been way worse then what it was. I was pretty sore, but was able to ride it in to Josh for his second section. We were a little over 30-seconds back from David (but he also started 20 in front of us). Josh put in another great ride, and was able to get by Rob (David’s teammate) and put us in the lead. I jumped on the bike again and had a nice clean ride, but we started to get into the lappers and had a few close calls with them. This time I gave the bike back to Josh for his last stint. Russ was able to get by his cousin David Pearson and was now in second (about a minute and twenty seconds behind us on adjusted time). The course was definitely getting a lot rougher and harder to pass, but yet again Josh rode perfect and put more of a gap on the Pearson team. Now it was up to me to finish it out! I really felt good again, and had a nice clean last section. I ended up bringing it into the finish for the overall win! I believe we won by a couple minutes, but I didn’t care how much it was as long as it was the win.


Overall Summary:

I was really happy to get another win here. The bike worked awesome and we really didn’t have any problems, beside my one crash. I had a good time, but the race took a little more out of me then I thought it would. I’m still really happy with my fitness, but I might have to work on a few things to make sure I don’t sit down J I’m sure we’ll be back next year to try and repeat!


Overall Results ( I only know the top 3 right now):

1st Destry Abbott / Josh Morros

2nd Russell Pearson / Nick Pearson

3rd David Kamo / Kyle Summers


Other Notes:

I was really happy to team up with Josh. This was the first time we’ve ever teamed up, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. The kid (he’s only 16) is riding awesome, and he has a bright future ahead of him if he keeps this up. He came down to Arizona to do some training the week before this race. We wanted to make sure the bike was going to be set-up for both of us, and to work on his training. It was a smart thing to do and it definitely paid off. We were like a father son team, since I’m practically old enough to be his dad (pretty scary)! I remember when I was the young kid on the block (I still feel young though).


I’m actually writing this on the way back to Phoenix (right after the race). I’m flying out early tomorrow morning, to Florida, for the first GNCC race on Tuesday (Bike Week).


It’s always good to win a big race, but since Kawasaki is the Sponsor of this event it makes it even better. I knew there were quite a few teams that were going to be tough to beat, but I still felt confident we had the best shot (and it worked out).


Jonny “one armed” Weisman came to the race and helped us out quite a bit. It’s only been one week since his shoulder surgery, but he’s already doing a lot better.


I wanted to thank Kit Kamo for bringing me her awesome cookies and brownies. She’s hooked me up at the last couple races, and now I’m starting to think she wants to get me fat so her son David (who riders for factory KTM) can beat me. I’ve been waiting until after the race, to eat them, in case she’s putting something in themJ LOL! Thanks again; they were good!!


Best Wishes,


2008 Sponsors:

Kawasaki Racing, Dunlop, Stephen Gall Training, GPR, Thor, IMS, Shoei, Pro Circuit, Kawasaki Accessories, SIDI, Acerbis, CTI2, Jonre Multimedia, BRP, Motion Pro, Works Connection, OGIO, Kicker, Hinson, Hoy Fox Toyota, AP Designs, Braking, Renthal, Scott Goggles, Team Hawg Racing, Twisten Wrenches, Cyto Sport, Red Baron, Trick, Zip-Ty, RK/Excel, N-Style, Maxima, ZLT, Bent, Steahly, Parkway Chiropractic, and Tire Balls.

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