On Friday night, the first heat race went off with Eric Sorby finishing
first, followed by Mike Alessi and Andrew Short. Heat two saw Sebastien
Tortelli, Jeff Alessi and Steve Boniface finish one after another.

The tensions were high as the riders blasted off the start in the main, with
Short grabbing the holeshot. Young Mike Alessi was right behind him and
didn’t give an inch despite a dislocated shoulder. Red flags came out due to
a downed rider and the competitors were brought back to the starting gate.
Alessi jumped out in front, but Short passed him through the whoops.
Boniface and Alessi came together with Boniface going down. Tortelli
continued making moves towards the front, making a last lap pass on Alessi,
taking second.

Twenty minutes after the moto had ended, French rider Steve Boniface
confronted Alessi about the collision they had on the track and with
emotions running too high, Boniface punched Mike in face. After much drama,
the commotion died down and apologies were issued.

On the surface, Saturday night looked much calmer as Andrew Short and Mike
Alessi went one-two in the first heat race and Tortelli took the win in the
second heat race.

Andrew Short was the fastest off the line, with Mike Alessi in second and a
hard charging Tortelli, pushing to make a move on the tight French track
went down and crashed off the track. Still racing, Jeff Alessi and Steve
Boniface unintentionally came together and both stayed on the bike.

In a hideous act, Eric Sorby waited in the tunnel section of the Bercy Track
and crashed his motorcycle into Mike, because he believed the Alessi’s were
intentionally taking riders out of competition, when they were not. Younger
brother Jeff stopped his motorcycle on the track to help Mike, giving him
the chance to get away and finish second in the moto. Sorby then attacked
the 15 year old, forcing Jeff to defend himself. Jeff Alessi and Eric Sorby
were banned from competition on Sunday.

The third day of racing was much calmer as Tortelli and Mike Alessi battled
it out for second place to close out a very tumultuous weekend.


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